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Geoengineering: destroying food supplies for decades (Rosalind Peterson)

Note the info piece by YT about contrails. EWNZ RELATEDRosalind Peterson 2007 UN Climate Change Conference Source

Hear Rosalind Peterson’s presentation to the UN on geoengineering back in 2006

Here is the late Rosalind Peterson speaking to the UN about her concerns with geoengineering. Her first alert was she had noticed trees dying … listen at the link below If you also watch Robert Deutsch’s latest video he speaks about the documented evidence & shows the paper work. Here are two screenshots from […]

Rosalind Peterson Speaks Out on Atmospheric Pollution Related to Climate Engineering

NOTE: Since Ms. Peterson’s excellent video was released in 2010, the method of chemical, aerosol releases has evolved to include “chembombs” –  defined as large volume aerosol plumes (LVAP) that create artificial clouds. These more sophisticated chemical releases have nothing to do with long lines of suspicious contrails, jet fuel additives or pylon spray nozzles […]

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