The Honor of Reporting from Gaza

One thing I’m certain of is this: people in Gaza love to tell our stories.

As Mondoweiss’ Gaza correspondent, I find that every door is open for my questions. After so much suffering, people want to share: what happened, what they feel, what is the depth of their story.

We need someone to ask those questions. It is our duty to convey people’s stories, and Mondoweiss is as committed to that task, if not more so, than any other outlet in the world.

Will you help me, and the entire Mondoweiss team, continue to tell Palestinians’ stories with a year-end gift today?

Since I joined the Mondoweiss staff this fall, for the first time I’m in a position of power to speak on behalf of people whose voices are not loud enough to cross the blockade on their own.

And what I’m trying to do for Mondoweiss readers is give you the exact picture of life under occupation and siege. We need to help people understand that, in Gaza, every day is worse than the day before. All the promises of better conditions are lies because on the ground, nothing gets better.

Today, the streets in Gaza are still full of rubble as a result of the war of last May – and in too many places, rubble from the wars before. Young people reach their 40s and are not able to start a family. If you ask why, they will tell you: “how I should feed my family, and in the first place how could I get money to get married!”

Life here is really hard, not because of natural reasons, but because of the siege. We live more than half of our lives in the dark not because of any unavoidable energy shortage in this small corner of the world, but directly because of Israel.

These are the conditions we work under. I am reporting to you from a place that looks like the most disturbing, the most dangerous, place in the world. Because there are no specific targets for Israel: everything that moves is a target.

During the war, if someone turned the light on (when they do have power), their house may be targeted by a missile. If a photographer holds a camera, they may be shot in the eye. If a correspondent holds a microphone, they may be shot in the arm. If a speaker tells the truth out loud they may be shot in the mouth. All these examples are real, not from my imagination.

Readers of Mondoweiss should know this complete truth, and use it to put pressure on Israel and the U.S. to stop its violence against Palestinians.

Even so, I am still excited for my work. I am still excited for the stories that will unfold in 2022, and the possibility that, finally, on some level, things might change in some positive way.

Because the best part of this new job is when I see my stories traveling across the world. Stories that people would not know unless Mondoweiss told them. The direct link between what I hear on the ground, and what people thousands of miles away learn, and how it hopefully helps them take action.

It is a true honor to try to faithfully and clearly explain what life is like in Gaza to the rest of the world. And to know that you are helping me do that means everything.

Will you help us meet this challenge with your gift today?


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