The Times discovers ‘the best interests of the American people’ in the Russia case

Is it just possible that supporting Israel IS in the interest of this country?

no. israel has one of the worst reputations on the planet. for the US to align itself so closely and seamlessly with an apartheid pariah nation is not in the best interest of the nation. that’s a no brainer. and it’s something the american people should have a choice about, but we don’t.

plus, the hypocrisy of the press, making this all about trump collaborating with russia, that when the news breaks trump&co were appealing to russia at the request of the israeli government, the press is totally silent — because israel is sacrosanct!

and, why aren’t you asking ‘Is it just possible that supporting Saudi Arabia IS in the interest of this country?’. why? was invading iraq in the interest of the country? why?

but this:

they were working to advance the interests of a foreign power, because of financial entanglements between those official

it’s worth asking! but if you said it about israel, with the largests FP lobby in the country, it’s anti semitic! btw, did you read the nyt kersher/israel/30million profit story? what do you think of that?

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