The Washington Post makes excuses for drunk drivers… but only if they’re illegal aliens

Image: The Washington Post makes excuses for drunk drivers… but only if they’re illegal aliens

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Once again the so-called “mainstream” media is showing its true colors by lining up with lawbreakers and hooligans over the law-abiding citizenry.

This time it’s a regular offender, The Washington Post, which has decided that drunk driving is fine and dandy so long as it’s an illegal alien who’s doing the drinking and driving.

The headline of the story says it all: “He taught lawyers, vets and more how to ballroom dance. Now his students are trying to save him from deportation.” It begins like this:

For most of the past six decades, the Republican Party could count on Charlie Heimach. The retired Air Force colonel donated money to President Richard Nixon, backed Ronald Reagan and both Bushes, and cast his ballot last year for Donald Trump.

But in the recent Virginia governor’s race, Heimach voted for the Democrat, because of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration, and its attempts to deport a ballroom dancing instructor from the studio where Heimach, 79, likes to Lindy Hop.

The glowing piece goes on to say that Heimach is being joined by lawyers, military vets, “a dog walker, an entomologist” and others “united in their love for dancing” to protect Galtsog Gantulga, an “undocumented immigrant” from Mongolia who, oh by the way, just happened to get busted twice in 2016 for drunk driving.

No worries, right? After all, the Post made certain to point out, nobody was hurt in either drunk driving incident and “G,” as everyone loves to call him, “has served time behind bars.” Oh, and he’s even sold his car and now attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

“In the America these dancers know, such a person deserves another chance, a view not always held in the U.S. immigration system,” the Post preached.

Riiiight. But that principle is for citizens. 

Forgetting that laws — especially immigration laws — were made to protect Americans first and foremost, the Post brushes right on past the reason why G is now being targeted for deportation: Following his two drunk driving convictions, his work permit was revoked, which now makes him an illegal alien (not ‘undocumented,’ since after all, the government knows he’s here — it has ‘documents’ on him).

And just how did Gantulga, 22, get to America, you ask? Well, he came with his parents when he was 9, and they overstayed their visas after they ran out, “in hopes of building a better life than the one they had in their remote, rugged homeland,” the Post whined. (Related: Left-wing LAWLESS governors in New York and California pardon illegal aliens to shield them from deportation.)

So they broke our laws to stay here, and now their son has broken our laws and thinks he deserves to stay as well. They moved back to Mongolia in 2013 after “giving up hope” of obtaining a new legal status (you know, after breaking our immigration laws years earlier).

How did Gantulga get to stay, then? Simple: He applied and received a temporary work permit under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was illegally implemented via executive order by President Obama.

Did you catch that? He applied for temporary residency status using an illegal program, then broke our laws again when he got busted not once but twice for drunk driving.

And his “dancer” clients want him to stay, along with the Post, because hey, he’s just trying to build a better life, man — why are you so down on him?

Do the laws of every other country — including China’s Mongolia — deserve to be enforced except those of the United States?

Only the Left believes that immigration laws are not really stringent and inflexible, but merely ‘guidelines’ and suggestions to follow.

For the record, 10,265 people who were killed by automobiles in 2015 died in alcohol-impaired deaths, according to 2015 data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the latest year available.

But what the heck, right? Gantulga didn’t kill any of them.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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