Trapped Burning Man Attendees Report “Ebola-Like” Illness as the Situation Turns from Bad to Worse

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“Things went down the drain” for Burning Man this year, reported popular YouTuber “TheSneezingMonkey.” Some 70,000 attendants of Burning Man, an annual arts and culture festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, are trapped — and they might be stuck there for days or longer.

Heavy rains turned the desert landscape into a sticky, impassable mudtrap. Vehicles were immobilized, and the community found itself involuntarily committed to staying longer than anticipated.

Text messages sent from the festival hinted at a situation going from bad to worse. One message described attendees as being “terrified,” having to deal with flooded tents and scarcity of supplies like food and water. And, according to MSM outlets, one person has also been confirmed to be dead.

Even more alarming, rumors are spreading about an outbreak of an “Ebola-like” illness.

TikTok user Paykells sounded the alarm on this concern in a viral video:

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First, she brought up one tweet saying, “The rumors on the ground here are that there’s some sort of virus on the loose at Burning Man that causes boils/vomiting/hemorrhaging. Apparently, that’s why they’re not letting people in. No idea if this is true. Been in RV all day. Source: Am at Burning Man/Black Rock City.”

Paykells also read this alarming text message:

“Yo, [I] just figured you should hear this from me first. Darrel is crazy sick with something that has him coughing up really coagulated blood. Medic showed up wearing a full suit. No idea where he is now. I would stay inside your camper.”

The text message also added that an “outside agency” is “putting up a fence on the west side of the plaza.”

One last message from the Paykells video read, “You’re never going to f*cking believe it, lol. They’re saying it’s Ebola.”

At the time of reporting, there has been no confirmation from health organizations or government agencies about an “Ebola-like” illness at the festival. However, if there were an outbreak of a serious illness like Ebola, would the government be forthcoming? And how close are the rumors to the truth? For now, what is certain is that Burning Man 2023 has morphed from a utopia getaway into a disaster for tens of thousands of attendees.

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