U.S. Postal Service: The Budget, or Employees Exposed to TB?

secondary to profits. We see it everywhere, including on the battlefield, with the endless wars that use poor and middle-class troops as cannon fodder to promote the interests of war profiteers and oil companies. As
we speak the oil companies are rushing into Lybia to divide up the spoils that poor and middle-class troops have died for while thinking they were defending
the interests of our country.And the irony is, the children of the people who benefit most from the death of the poor and middle class troops, the rich, are no longer even expected to defend this country. Dying for this country is now considered the job of the “little people.” The job of the rich is merely sit back and reap the benefits of our sacrifices.We saw the very same scenario in play when the 29 coal miners were killed in West Virginia on April 5, 2010. Hubpages.com reported:

“29 COAL MINERS DIE in COAL MINING EXPLOSION The Massey Energy Company of Montcoal, West Virginia ignored violations and warnings that the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine which they own, was not safe for coal miners to be working in.”

Then just weeks later, on April 20, 2010, eleven oil workers were killed in a horrific explosion on an oil rig run by British Petroleum. In the aftermath of the disaster The Daily Beast reported:

“A document obtained by The Daily Beast shows that BP, in a previous fatal disaster, increased worker risk
to save money.”

Now we see the United States Postal Service all but ignoring the possibility that their employees could take a
deadly and virulent disease home to their families, neighbors, and friends – and with the employee unions standing by watching this unconscionable, atrocious, and flagrant act of irresponsibility. What more do we have to see to understand that it’s time for American workers to stand up and retake control of their lives?

It’s time for American workers to wake up and begin to realize that their apathy is allowing them to be written off as expendable. It’s time for them to change that by using the political clout of their numbers to make themselves heard. It’s past time for them to realize that they’re knee-deep in a class war that they’re losing badly.

The idea that we can simply vote people into office and depend on them to protect our interests is a myth, and the institutions that are supposedly setup to protect our interests are actually designed to protect the status quo by giving us the illusion of justice – anyone who’s ever tried to sue a corporation for its misdeeds can attest to that. All of these institutions are myths designed to allow the few to control the many.

History is clear. There is no example in the history of mankind where justice has simply been bestowed upon a people. The only way to obtain justice is to be strong enough to take it, and then steadfast enough in your vigilance to hold on to it. So the bottom line is, you cannot depend on politicians, union representatives, or anyone else to defend your rights without seeing to it that they have something to lose by failing to do so. Thus, the only defender of justice that we can truly depend upon is just us.

The U.S. Postal Service is a United States government agency, so if this nation truly believed in justice, the U.S. postal service would be in the very forefront of the fight to protect employee rights. But instead, the United States Postal Service, one the few, if not the only, government agency actually mentioned in the United States Constitution, is more hostile to workers’ rights than any agency in any dictatorship anywhere in the world.

We’ve got to bring this fact to President Obama’s attention, because as chief executive officer, he’s the head of that agency. How can we commit the lives of American troops to fight for the rights of people in other lands, while their parents are working on a plantation here at home?

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