USA Corporation’s 2024 “elections” Embrace The Rainbow

Both the Demophiles and the Republiphiles are trying to outdo each other embracing trannism, perversions, pedophilia, and Sodom and Gomorrah styled pissing in God’s face.

A political whore will do absolutely anything for a vote,

Including turning the military into a Gay Caballero orgey which gives the ole military term “NUT TO BUTT”, brand new meaning.

‘DoD Official Testifies That The Military Must Be A ‘Safe Space’ For The Non-Binary’

They were starting to try to peddle that queer shit in the military years back when I was in.

When I would object to open queers in the military I would be told just because a queer guy was showering necked with me did not mean he was sexually attracted to me.

I told em fine, I will be down showering with the females this evening.

Course I was just running a bluff cause I had a good looking wife at home

and them women in the combat battalions looked much better with their cloths on.

I guess I was under the illusion a military was to kill the F##k out of the enemy and not a social club to F##k your butties up the ass.

I am sure glad cousin General George S Patton was murdered by the USA for standing up for America before he had to see this Mickey Mouse shit!

His hand would be black and blue and his arm very tired!

The Ole Dog!


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