Victims of Detroit cancer criminal awarded $8M in settlement… is the arrest of fraudster Dr. David Gorski next?

(NaturalNews) Working inside the Karmanos-Crittenton Cancer Center in Detroit, a cancer criminal mastermind known as Dr. Farid Fata preyed upon innocent victims to pocket millions in profits from fraudulent cancer “treatments.” His strategy was rooted in pure evil: Falsely diagnose patients with cancer who didn’t really have cancer, then “treat” them with high-profit chemotherapy while raking in millions from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers.

Dr. Fata’s crimes were openly tolerated by the Detroit cancer industry, a cabal of criminally insane medical fraudsters who prey upon the innocent public like Catholic priests preying on choir boys. It was only through the actions of an inside whistleblower that the FBI was finally made aware of these crimes, leading to the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Fata. He is now serving 45 years in federal prison.

Now, a financial settlement has finally been reached that will pay restitution to some of the victims of Dr. Fata. As published in the Detroit Free Press:

About 40 of the hundreds of former patients who were purposely misdiagnosed with cancer or poisoned with unnecessary treatment by Oakland County oncologist Farid Fata will share in an $8-million settlement entered today in lawsuits filed against Fata and three hospitals.

Those three hospitals, it turns out, were Crittenton Hospital, McLaren Medial Center and Trinity Health. While all this criminal fraud was taking place, Crittenton joined with the Karmanos Cancer Center to run a joint treatment center which was later dissolved.

The Karmanos Cancer Center, not coincidentally, is the current base of operations for one of the most criminal-minded and mentally insane cancer doctors still operating in America: Dr. David Gorski, recognized as a medical monster and a mentally ill physician who spends his days trolling and blogging from his office at Karmanos, hurling out the most spite-filled, venomous and vitriolic words any doctor has ever gotten away with.

Yet just as the cancer industry in Detroit said nothing about Dr. Fata while he was committing criminal fraud against his patients, so far Dr. Gorski’s medical license has not been revoked by the state of Michigan. This is despite the fact that Dr. David Gorski obviously poses a clear and present danger to the safety of Karmanos Cancer Center patients as evidenced by his almost daily violations of the basic principles of the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics.

Based on what I already know, I am convinced that Dr. David Gorski is a medical criminal who will end his days either behind bars or stripped of his medical license and retired in disgrace. Just for starters, Dr. David Gorski is psychologically unfit to practice medicine.

Among Dr. Gorski’s mentally deranged behaviors are his online impersonation of patients to give himself positive reviews, his use of nearly a dozen “sock puppet” social media accounts to manipulate online comment sections, his inciting of online science fraud to destroy evidence showing vaccines are harmful, his reliance on unabashed fabrications to attack his critics, his mocking of the deaths of complementary medicine doctors and his malicious behavior toward parents of autistic children.

“He should hold himself, as most doctors do, to a higher standard of professional communication and conduct,” writes J.B. Handley at the website Unmasking ORAC. “How many other doctors use satire, invective, and ridicule in a public domain against parents and other medical professionals? Yes, his equally wildly immature and idiotic commentors on his blog eat it up, but in the realm of how doctors can and should conduct themselves, Dr. Gorski is an adolescent f#ck-up. At the end of the day, I’m the father of a special needs and damaged child, and Dr. Gorski’s willingness to treat me with the utmost disdain, ridicule, and mean-spirited satire is reflective of the worst parts of the medical culture, of which Dr. Gorski is a shining example.”

We don’t yet know the answer to this question, but Dr. Gorski’s pattern of behavior usually lands a person in a very bad place sooner or later. And right now, we know that eight other doctors who haven’t yet been named are currently being invested by federal authorities for their involvement in the Dr. Fata criminal cancer scam.

As Click On Detroit writes:

She said there were other people in his offices who also had their hands on her mother’s care.

“I think everyone who was involved that knew what was going on needs to be punished,” she said.’

Eight others physicians have been named as part of the investigation as those who knew Fata was bilking the system.

“One of the counts he plead to was conspiracy, and one person cannot be convicted of conspiracy. There has to be co-conspirators,” said attorney Donna MacKenzie. “Who are those co-conspirators?”

MacKenzie has a growing list of cases she’s filed in Oakland County Circuit Court naming three hospitals: Crittenton, Karmanos and McLaren. The lawsuits are for medical malpractice resulting in death or other significant injuries.

“What we would like to get to the bottom of is who else knew what was going on, what did they know, when did they know it, and what did they do about it?” MacKenzie said.

All of the doctors named in the lawsuits are still practicing medicine.

On April 20 of this year, I filed a series of documented allegations against Dr. David Gorski with both the FBI and the Michigan Attorney General.


The next day, I also publicly offered to testify about Dr. David Gorski, under oath, with the FBI to share additional information about Dr. Gorski that I have not yet made public.

I cannot yet reveal the status of the FBI’s investigation into this matter, but I can publicly reveal that to this day, despite all the ranting, screaming and crybully trolling by Dr. Gorski via his multiple sock puppet social media accounts, I have yet to receive a single “cease and desist” request from anyone connected to Dr. Gorski or the Karmanos Cancer Center group. Not a single sane person, in other words, has told me the information I’m alleging isn’t based in fact… nor has anyone demanded that I stop publicizing my allegations against Dr. Gorski.

What they already know, you see, is that I know more than enough information to put this medical monster away for good, and if given the opportunity to enter this information into the public record, I have every reason to believe that Dr. Gorski will implode faster than former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky, whose career was destroyed after revelations of sexual child abuse surfaced. This statement does not intend to imply that Dr. Gorski is a child molester. Although, interestingly, he is a close associate of none other than skeptics con artist James Randi who has been caught on tape soliciting sexual acts from a young man.

I believe that just as we currently have a long list of victims of Dr. Farid Fata, one day in the not-too-distance future, we will likely see a similar list of victims of Dr. David Gorski. Why? Because it is inconceivable that a cancer surgeon who runs his online activities like a raging lunatic would somehow magically be a sane, thoughtful, compassionate surgeon at the Karmanos Cancer Center.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. David Gorski is the same raging lunatic in the operating room as he is online. And if true, this would logically mean he has already produced a long list of cancer patients who have been verbally abused, surgically damaged and irreparably harmed in a way that parallels the cancer crimes of convicted federal prisoner Dr. Farid Fata.

As I explained in this article about David Gorski, the man “demonstrates a consistent pattern of pathological deception and intense hatred toward others, which is irreconcilable with the professional demeanor of a clear-headed physician working in the interests of patients.”

Laws against medical fraud are designed, in fact, to remove people like Dr. David Gorski from medical practice in the interests of public safety. Once those laws are fully applied to Dr. Gorski, a mentally ill liar, fraudster and Karmanos Cancer Center oncological surgeon, I fully expect he will spend much of the rest of his life in isolation… possibly in a psych ward.

When that day comes, by the way, I’ll be happy to visit him at the facility and collect his hair samples to be tested for heavy metals. My aim is to see if we can find out the source of Dr. Gorski’s mental illness and perhaps offer him compassionate treatment for his pathological condition. I don’t want to see Dr. Gorski destroyed, you see. I want to see him HEALED.

So far, he has not taken me up on this offer.

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