World’s Only Rave to Be Held Inside of a Glacier Happening on Summer Solstice

Michaela Whitton (AM) : In June 2016, many of Europe’s greatest underground DJs — plus a sound system and a bunch of intrepid ravers — will be literally dancing on ice at the world’s only rave inside a glacier.

Reykyavik_Rave_IcelandThe unique Icelandic music festival, Secret Solstice, runs for the second year in June 2016, in Reykjavik. Festival-goers will not only party under the 24-hour sun of the summer solstice, but will be getting down inside the second largest glacier in Iceland and Europe.

Last year’s festival was the first event on the planet to host a rave inside of a glacier, and next year’s event doubles the previous record, with two ultra-exclusive Into The Glacier parties inside the Langjökull glacier.

Within the second largest icecap in Iceland and Europe, a mile-long tunnel is carved through this 10,000 year-old ice. The world’s largest man-made ice cave, which opened for visitors in June 2015, boasts a series of different rooms — some of which are 30 metres below the glacier’s surface.

Strictly speaking, the Langjökull glacier should be out-of-bounds to guests. Like many glaciers around the world, steadily rising temperatures and reduced snowfall mean that by the next century, Iceland’s ancient glaciers will no longer exist. Research has shown that the current fast uplift of the Icelandic crust, resulting from the accelerated melting of the island’s glaciers, coincides with the onset of warming beginning about 30 years ago.

Determined to make the most of it, international ravers are invited to thefestival experience of a lifetime, with the Secret Solstice press release boasting different vibes for each event. The initial lineup, announced this week, includes DJ sets by world-famous electronic acts and acoustic performances by Icelandic artists. The downside is that only 100 tickets are available for each intimate show — and both are expected to sell out.

In addition to the main festival, side events are planned that include midnight sails into the Atlantic Ocean and the opportunity to enjoy DJ sets while ‘chilling’ in volcano-powered geothermal pools — all under a sun that doesn’t set. Over a hundred acts in the musical lineup have yet to be announced, and package deals are available for the festival, which runs from June 17-19, 2016. More information can be found here.

Video from last year’s event can be viewed below:

Michaela Whitton, The AntiMedia

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