Y doesn’t BLM, funded & run by Antifa terrorists, protest against Slaughter of Arabic/Muslim people?

If BLM & pAntifa want to really shake things up, they should start protesting against the American govt policy of waging endless wars against POC. Most of those dead are brown-skinned and there’s also some African blood that’s been shed, so when are you going to take a moral stand against that needless, bankster generated violence?

Since you self-righteous crusaders pretend to care about people of color, why haven’t you been raising Hell about the butchery we’ve visited upon nations in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) area?

Let me guess: Since pAntifa is anudda’ Zionist psyop, your (((Paymasters))) have told your leaders to NOT protest against these endless ‘Wars for Wall and Israel,’ because nearly all of those MENA souls that have been murdered are ones Israel wants to wipe off the map. Maybe they didn’t have to tell you, they just keep sticking a meme of Donald Trump in your faces and you go on the obligatory 2 Minutes Hate.

So please explain–since I’m clueless about this–why you haven’t been raising hell and protesting the Israeli Masterminded 9/11 False Flag, which has been the excuse used to slaughter POC in the MENA area?

Then there’s also the slow ethnic genocide of the Palestinians, a murderous activity going on since 1948. What, no tears for anudda’ nation Israel wants to wipe off the face of the Earth?

So please enlighten this oh so dumb one why the BLM/pAntifa terrorist don’t protest against all the POC the USG has been murdering since 9/11?

I’ll leave you with one more thought:

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