Going South: Found Teenage Photographs Show That Lauren Southern is Spiraling into Obesity at a Rapid Rate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2017

Found photographs of a 16-year-old Lauren Southern show that she is spiraling into morbid obesity at a head-spinningly rapid rate.

Between 2012 and the current year, her body fat has nearly tripled.



2019 (projected):

Despite the weird mouth thing, Southern was very fit and attractive in the first pictures. As you can see, she’s going down hill like a rocket-powered bobsled.

This goes to show that “Anglin’s Law” is indeed a law of nature: A woman’s natural peak is at 16, assuming she refuses to engage in a healthy living lifestyle.

As such, nearly all girls peak at 16 in our modern culture of decadence and female empowerment. Because they sure as hell aren’t hitting the gym.

While Southern was sitting at her computer and stuffing her face with Cheetos, extra sour cream burritos and deep-fried ice cream, without even 5 hours a week to work on her health as she fed like a vampire on the psychic energies of thirsty betas, Abby Pollock was at the gym developing a firm, fit and healthy body.

This is what a healthy, fit female looks like.

Not a shapeless blob of goo, but a sculpted, proportioned model of fertility and sexuality.

In the paleolithic era, all women would have looked like this. They would need to in order to survive.

As time went on, of course, it became that it was only working class women who held this form, while the rich classes hid their women away, and they became overweight. That is why in some paintings from certain historical periods in Europe, you have fatties.

However, even these fatties retained much better hip-to-waist ratio than “box baby” Southern.

This is a science, and if you are into fat women like Lauren Southern, you are a deviant pervert. When you touch a woman on any part of her body, it should never feel like you’re sticking your hand into a vat of Jell-o pudding.

Furthermore, compare Abby’s posture above to that of the vampiric Southern cam-whore:

Looks as though she’s been crawling around in sewer tunnels her whole life.

All human beings have a natural, ideal bodily form inside of them that they have the opportunity to either bring out or bury in goo.

Abby Pollack, despite her freckled ugly face and starting out in much worse condition than Lauren at 16 – having much less natural gifts – managed to turn herself into a work of art.

Lauren Southern has chosen the dark path. The path of not only doing the worst job of all – YouTube camwhoring – but refusing to stay fit while doing so.

She gets $5,226 a month from her 612 betas for doing nothing more than tweeting and making jerk-vids twice a week.

At time of writing, she hasn’t made a jerk-vid in 5 days. I’m sure this only makes her perverted chubby-chaser followers all the more thirsty for their fix – after a week of no jerk vid, instead of feeling outraged that they haven’t been given more content to masturbate to as they were promised, they will head over to Patreon and up their wire transfer amounts.

And get this: her last video, before she left her masturbating fans on a five day fast, was an interview with strange Satan-worshiper Styxhexenhammer666.

As a great man once said: “I can’t fap to this.”

Imagine her poor, victimized paying-customer orbiters sitting there watching the video, trying to skip through the parts with the Satan-worshiper as they masturbate, and then getting all “yeah Lauren baby, Aryan Princess, yeah, yeah, curl that lip, ohhhh yeahhhh” and then right as they’re ejaculating it switches to this guy’s face:

If some masturbation-oriented service caused you to ejaculate while looking at that guy’s face, would you keep paying for it?

Apparently, many of her masturbating e-sugar daddies didn’t want to take the risk, as while most of her videos get between 200,000-400,000 jerks, this one got fewer than 100,000.

What’s more, this isn’t her only source of income, rumor has it. Rumor has it she gives BJs to her beta orbiters for $500 a pop at Alt-Right protests. To her credit, however, the rumor has it that she does have a rule, which goes something like: “No niggers. I stick a lot of things in my mouth all day long, but your black shit-cock isn’t going to be one of them.”

She also has a book that was ghostwritten for her she sells, plus, as far as I’m aware, her videos on YouTube are still monetized.

What is She Doing with the Money?

She claims the $5,000 is for travel, although she doesn’t travel much, based on her YouTube feed.

So presumably, she is spending most of the money on food and bleach.

When she does travel, she stays at luxury 5-star hotels.

You can see one of them in this video, where she is in a silk robe in a bed at a luxury hotel – no doubt with a fully-stocked round-the-clock buffet.

nb4 “but Anglin you also solicit donations”

Firstly, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with soliciting donations. It’s valid – if people want to pay her to make jerk vids, because they saw her in an anime costume and she is their mental image of a perfect Aryan Princess who understands their politics, than that is their business.

Secondly, I run a growing media empire, and only pay myself in theory the same as I pay my employees. In actual reality though, I pay myself less than the staff.

Thirdly, I am creating a product in the form of ideas and content, which is spread to millions of people – while she is doing what exactly? What is the purpose of watching her repeat things that men have said?

And don’t tell me “oh but it gets normies interested to have a cute fat chick saying it while they masturbate to her” – no, it does not. Even if you think she is attractive, she does not compare to the median average YouTube camwhore. Men masturbating on the internet have unlimited options.

And even if someone who hadn’t heard of the Alt-Right before did decide to masturbate to her videos, not even the most beta of masturbating beta males has ever blown a load to a YouTube video and then said, “yeah, this girl I just jerked-off to is correct in her political views, I’m going to convert to her way of thinking.”

Instinctively, everyone knows that no female – let alone one in her early twenties – has anything to teach them about politics.

And sure, that isn’t absolute – maybe there is some little baby fag somewhere who believes he can get political knowledge from women. However, they are an extreme minority, and also the lowest kind of men.

Because think this through: if putting ostensibly attractive 20-something women up as political leaders was a valid way of gaining political followers, then why has no political movement ever in history done this before? 

Do you think it was because they didn’t think of it?

Why You Give Lauren Southern Money

The real reason you give Lauren Southern money is that as a man, you have a biological drive to feel as though you are caring for a woman(s). This does something to relieve that drive. You watch the videos, and your brain imagines that she is your girlfriend, whom you are taking good care of.

You justify this drive – which you are probably not consciously aware of – with something about how it is “helping the movement.”

I want you to be aware of what you are doing, to be aware that no, you are not helping the movement, and in actuality, by enabling female political leaders in the right-wing by giving them money, you are harming the movement, making it look absurd and non-serious.

Southern, and other women like her doing the cam-whore/Patreon gig, are sexually exploiting men for financial gain. That is what is happening. That is the reality of this situation. They do not care about the politics of this, they do not care about politics at all – they care about primarily the attention they get from thirsty men and they care about the money.

Getting paid $5,000 a month for making two YouTube jump-cut-ridden videos a week – the totality of which amounts to reading a few blogs written by men and then regurgitating the information in a halter-top – is good work if you can get it.

I would personally prefer that the number of women in right-wing politics be exactly zero.

But that won’t ever be the case, due to the sheer numbers of thirsty guys willing to give money to these women.

I just want to make sure that you all to understand fully that you are not “helping the movement” by helping Lauren Southern pay her donut bill. That’s all I can do.

Honestly, I’ve thought about refusing to support people – like Stefan Molyneux – who give these people a platform. Molyneux sitting there and pretending like Lauren Southern has something worthwhile to teach anyone is the epitome of absurdity. And he knows that. He has her on because her followers will watch the videos if she’s on them, and maybe a few will hit that subscribe button. They probably won’t though, and he of all people should know better than to support vapid, self-absorbed female vloggers presenting themselves as learned political commentators.

He is effectively undermining one of his most important premises by playing into sexual exploitation of men by dangerous, selfish, single women compulsively draining the psychic energies and wallets of men who have grown up in this abusive anti-male system.

He just had the top skank of Rebel Media, Faith Goldy, on there this week.

Is it really worth the view counts to allow one of your fundamental premises about human beings to be flushed, Stef?

There is a Real Movement Though

If you want to support the movement, support sites which feature men doing real work which is actually bringing new people into the movement. That is the goal. That is what we are trying to accomplish. We are trying to create a popular movement.

Things that help us work to that goal are good, things which do not help us work toward that goal are bad.

There is only so much money in this movement, and right now a good portion of it is being sucked into the bottomless pit of Lauren Southern’s stomach.

Be responsible.

Source Article from https://www.dailystormer.com/going-south-found-teenage-photographs-show-that-lauren-southern-is-spiraling-into-obesity-at-a-rapid-rate/

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3 Responses to “Going South: Found Teenage Photographs Show That Lauren Southern is Spiraling into Obesity at a Rapid Rate”

  1. Benjamin Rain says:

    Wow…. pathetic attempt to discredit her and kind of pedo to be creeping on 16 year olds freako.

  2. Ross says:

    You are disgusting. She is clearly an attractive person.

    You however, scared to even post a picture of yourself, don’t have the confidence she has.

    Many guys would obviously date her – I am one of them – but I love her content. You clearly haven’t watched all of it.

    I bet you are exactly as you describe her. A fat self loathing dude. Posting Opinion pieces hoping someone will like you.

    You have no evidence of anything, you assume she is racist, as pointed out by your statement. “To her credit, however, the rumor has it that she does have a rule, which goes something like: “No niggers. I stick a lot of things in my mouth all day long, but your black shit-cock isn’t going to be one of them.”

    THats you thinking, not what she said. I notice you are know allot about Lauren southern, do you by any chance fantasies about her.

    I hope you continue your filthy writing, just so i know you waste your time on a career that you clearly aren’t meant to do.

  3. Conservative > Liberal says:

    You tried so hard to make this a hard hitting hit piece… unfortunately it hits you hardest. This article is full of shit. It consists of you attempting to body shame a woman as fat and a white supremacist. SHE IS NEITHER. However, you are a trash and pathetic little individual you are.

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