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jew Defends Cuties: It’s “Not Bad” at Getting Him Sexually Aroused by “Hot” 11 Year Olds

This jew really is honest how he feels about the film, and his own pedo “preferences”. He says thousands of people are probably masturbating to the film, which he really likes, since it features “hot” 11 year olds, and he especially likes the blonde one. When people wonder why the Germans embraced the NSDAP, just […]

This Woman’s Rare Condition Means She’s Constantly Sexually Aroused

A young woman has spoken out about what it’s like to suffer from a very rare condition that meanss she’s constantly sexually aroused, which brings a lot of pain and discomfort. 23-year-old Amanda McLaughlin was diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) in 2013. “It’s not fun to be aroused all the time,” Amanda says in a […]

‘Netanyahu doesn’t have a vision for peace,’ Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill

This past Saturday morning, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s junior senator, held her first Town Hall of the Congressional Summer recess at Hostes Community College in the Bronx.  She reported briefly on what is happening in Washington, particularly on health care, expressed her support for a single-payer health system, and then answered questions. Gillibrand was, […]

Federal Government Argues That Merely ACCUSING You of a Crime Allows Them to Seize ALL Your Financial Assets!

Is the U.S. Supreme Court set to give prosecutors authority to strip defendants of their own means of self-defense? It’s possible, depending upon what the high court decides in a very important case that could determine your ability to maintain enough resources to hire a defense lawyer. ~ J D Heyes In Luis v. US, […]

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