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Video: Greenwald & Carlson Document How Bush Is Now The ‘Darling Of Liberals’

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show, Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out how George W. Bush has gone from being roundly reviled by the left to being weirdly held up as some kind of icon as soon as the he began criticising President Trump and his supporters. “It’s worth remembering how liberals used to be overflowing with […]

New Israeli President, darling of liberal Zionists, says violent religious settlement is in ‘my DNA’

The new Israeli President Isaac Herzog, a former Labor leader, toured settlements in the northern West Bank on Tuesday and said: The Har Bracha settlement is in my DNA as an Israeli and as a Jew Herzog was hosted by settler leader Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, and visited schools ahead of […]

The Strange Story of Right Wing Darling Cringe Panda

I was made aware of Cringe Panda when kosher shill Lana Lokfteff began promoting this young girl who pandered to the fashy crowd. It turns out that Cringe Panda is apparently in her 20’s but she is clearly being marketed as a child  She even posted on her Twitter bio that her mother has to […]

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