Trump Regime to Take 1,250 Illegal Invaders from Australia

The first group of at least 1,250 nonwhite invaders who were blocked in their efforts to illegally force their way into Australia—and are currently detained at the off shore facilities at Manus Island and Nauru—will be rewarded for their criminality over the next few weeks with a free pass to the United States, it has emerged.

The invaders—from such diverse countries as Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma—have, of course, no genuine claim to asylum at all, as none of them are “fleeing for their lives” and all have crossed multiple safe countries in their efforts to reach white countries.

The first group of about 50 invaders is the first to be accepted by the US government under a deal struck between the former president, Barack Obama, and Australia to take up to 1,250 people.

“Representatives from the United States Resettlement Support Centre have started to provide some refugees with a decision relating to their US refugee admissions program application,” read a sign at the immigration detention centre, which asked people to be patient.

“Every case is different and moves through the required steps of the process at different speeds. This is only the first group of decisions and only some who have expressed an interest in US resettlement will receive a decision at this time.”

A number of the invaders have received appointment slips with the USRSC for Wednesday and Thursday. It is not yet clear whether the appointments are all to tell people they have been successful, but prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said at least 50 people would be going to the US.

Turnbull said about 25 people from Nauru and 25 from Manus would be informed of their upcoming resettlement in the US soon.

“President Trump had some reservations about it but, nonetheless, he is honouring the commitment made by his predecessor and I want to thank you for doing so,” he told media.

 “There are around 25 on each place, will be offered places in the United States. That’s the advice … There are many that are being vetted, but it is entirely up to the United States as to how many are taken.”

The Australian immigration minister, Peter Dutton, confirmed the reports on Wednesday morning and said the first group of refugees were expected to depart Manus and Nauru “in coming weeks”.

“Processing of other individuals continues and further decisions by US authorities are expected in due course.”

The deal with the US sought to end the indefinite situation for the hundreds of invaders sent to the offshore immigration detention centres after they attempted to invader in Australia by boat.

Upon taking office Trump balked at the arrangement, which he dubbed a “dumb deal”, but he has now agreed to honour it.

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