150 Corporations Rebrand For Massive Vaccine Promotion Campaign in Germany

150 Corporations Rebrand For Massive Vaccine Promotion Campaign in Germany

Over 150 corporations are jointly pushing the COVID injection in Germany with a massive collective rebranding effort as the jab becomes compulsory in the country.

The Berlin advertising agency Antoni, partnered with Bild newspaper, expanded the government’s “#ZogeGegenCorona” campaign to rebrand major companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Edeka and Lidl supermarket chains, Burger King, McDonald’s, and the Volbanks and Sparkasse banks.


The companies now include some variation of the word “impfen”, which means “vaccinate,” in their advertising slogans for the vaccination propaganda push.

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“ZogeGegenCorona” roughly translates to “pulling together against corona” in German.

Users on social media noted the disturbing parallels between today’s close coordination of companies and the German government – a defining feature of corporate fascism – and that of Nazi Germany.

If only there was a term for the socio-economic theory where private enterprise colludes with government to enact policies, hmmmmmm

— Totally NOT a fed (@OKaltface) December 6, 2021


— Joe Biden Wrote the Crime Bill (@mjrossano) December 6, 2021

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— Mr.Tweet (@MrTweetalal) December 6, 2021


— Shazer (@Shazeur7) December 6, 2021

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that unvaccinated Germans will be effectively excluded from society – barred from entering stores, restaurants, and other venues – until they get the injection.

Germany’s Parliament is also considering making the injection mandatory for all citizens, as Austria has done.

Notably, Austria is now embroiled in massive protests against the vaccine mandate and passport.


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