$200K Per Job? Timothy Geithner Says White House Jobs Plan Is Still a Bargain

Ben Forer
ABC News
September 27, 2011

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner didn’t dispute a Harvard economist’s estimate that each job in the White House’s jobs plan would cost $200,000, but said the pricetag is the wrong way to measure the bill’s worth.

And he also pointed out, in an interview today with ABC News’ David Muir, that there is no other option on the table for getting the economy moving and putting more people back to work.

“You’ve got to think about the costs of the alternatives,” Geithner said when asked about Harvard economist Martin Feldstein’s calculation that each job created by President Obama’s American Jobs Act would cost taxpayers about $200,000.

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27 Responses to “$200K Per Job? Timothy Geithner Says White House Jobs Plan Is Still a Bargain”

  1. Every time I see a picture of that parasite, my skin crawls.

  2. Geithner was crucified in Poland at the financial crisis emergency summit meeting. The US press described the as an opportunity for experienced American bankers to offer guidance to embattled brethren overseas. The Europeans ripped the G-man and insulted him openly, even dismissed him as a hypocrite and tool.

    The G-man mistakes privilege from a printing press as expertise… anything this guy says is said from a entry level…


  3. It will take at least 5 real taxpayers to fund one of the government $200K jobs. Remember boys and girls, ONLY non-government workers pay taxes. And, the non-government workers are loosing their jobs at the rate of 400,000+ per month!

    • So if I pay taxes….as a government worker….I am not paying taxes? Hmmm! damit than why do they takes so much out of my check….

      What you mean is that us government workers pay a surcharge for having a job…becasue we are paid by tax payers….slight of hand!!!!

      • You suffer the pain of having your income reduced but the money you receive comes from the general tax revenue. Look at it this way, if you work for the store you get paid out of the cash register. The company takes 30% away from you and puts that back into the cash register. Did you put in 30% or did you really take out 70%?

        • Exactly! But we still pay property, and sales tax…gas tax…etc…

          At least I have a J.O.B…for now…haha

        • Ohhh! BTW…Tim Geithner is an A$$ Hole!!!! haha

      • Correct sir, Timmy is an idiot. We need to get industry back and employ our citizens. That won’t happen until we change the tax laws and immigration laws. Being a government worker is not bad, it just does not help the jobs situation. We need money to come into the US not flow out.

  4. Soon we will all be running for the Mexican border to find work….hahaha!

  5. ………………………….F-A-G………………………….

  6. Dont worry this whole mess will be over soon. Stop feeding the beast pull your money out of the MegaBanks. Support local economies. Conan will be knocking on the globalists doors soon.

    • ……………..CROM…!

  7. I have a great idea for a Secretary looking for a better alternative to spending $200,000 to put 1 person to work. Save $50,000 per job, send the employee a $150,000 check and tax him the game show rate!

    Then, he only gets to keep $90,000 of it. Put everyone in the country to “work” by sending them all free $150,000 checks and taxing them on it. Cheaper than Geitner’s idea, with a higher (although I do live in reality) probability of working than the current plan.

    Seriously though. A 1% investment transaction tax to REPLACE the income tax AND the corp tax. $4 TRILLION to replace $800 Billion and $400 Billion respectively.

    This tax plan will:

    1. End pump and dump speculation.
    2. End high frequency trading altogether.
    3. Increase “buy and hold” investment
    4. Increase consumer spending
    5. Increase corp earnings
    6. Lower unemployment
    7. Lower over-all and personal debt levels
    8. Spur growth
    9. End IRS tax policies that make no sense
    10. Free Americans from unlawful tax burdens

    I have YET to hear a better plan than the one that makes the people who caused this crisis pay for the crisis they caused.

  8. In case you did not know, you hear about the Greek Financial Crisis over and over, did you know that Greece only makes up 2 percent of the EU GDP? Italy is next, this one will be an excellent pasta fiesta.

    • These people need job training or just a plain job:

      ELLWOOD CITY, Pa. (AP) — Police say a western Pennsylvania couple cut down copper wire from 18 utility poles because they needed money to pay for their wedding.

      Online court records don’t list defense attorneys for 24-year-old April Cater and 23-year-old Joseph Russell, both of North Sewickley Township, and The Associated Press could not immediately locate a listed phone for the couple.

      Meanwhile, the banksters steal from the Fed to lavish multimillion dollar weddings.

  9. Jobs are evolving… so you must have to evolve with the times.

    – M

    “HOW WILL YOU FACE THE AMERICAN APOCALYPSE IN 2011: how you can protect yourself and position yourself for the greatest wealth transfer in history.” (click on profile name for more info on my latest video)

  10. The enormity of politicians’ cajones never ceases to amaze me.

  11. A bargain ?!?

    So is shootin’ yourself up the ass !!!

    P.S. One bullet !!!

  12. Oddly enough, $200,000 per job is actually less expensive than the price that the US already pays for jobs to be created in Northern Ireland (UK), which run at $234,000, per job, as a line of foreign/inward investment in the IT sector, that there is no reason to not be invested in the likes of Youngstown, Ohio.

    However, such foreign/inward investment, is not designed to provide jobs per se, but is intended to make it possible for the US government to strong arm foreign politicians who are desperate to increase local employment, into supporting the US’ drive towards IP rights compliance, so that, as the US hollows out the US’ industrial and technical base, the US is in a position to demand Tribute, from the those whom they get to do the work.

    • If you are talking about true, high paying jobs that require a lot of study and training, it is still too high! What are these people, dumb as rocks? There are plenty of smart people who can learn skills at 10 times the pace of others.

  13. Maybe its time for a real robots to take the place of some these useless eater type robots that been running the world. The robots would cost less and would be easier to program.
    Maybe robots could keep track of their lies better as well.
    So lookout Geithner and gang your days are numbered.

    • does 666 come to mind?

      • yup

  14. Too me, a company coming from the other side of the world to build a bridge should cost more than local company. hmm. Im sick today, sorry, but, I just don’t see people working together for the common good much. The majority of people still seem very selfish. Wealth should be making jobs, not hoarding so to speak. Not saying for people to make risky investments, but common. Lets see some spirit and leadership. My grandfather would always find something for me to do. Making wealth n sitting back without spreading it around your own country, not good. Losing will to exist, hard to smile, cuddnt crack a joke if I tried.

    • Well I hope you feel better soon; the more I see these total failures falling on their faces, my drive to thrive for excellence, lampooning, humor and life increases tremendously. This is the infowar. I guess a person could claim it is Darwinian, those who have the best information, the greatest truth and best analysis win. In my last lampoon of Geithner, I believe I said, “Oh so that is what satan looks like.” You cannot take these people seriously. They laugh their asses off at others behind closed doors, amongst other things.

      Now Kramer on CNBC is claiming Geithner has saved The EU with another bailout plan, uh huh…. can you say butt buddies? Some of this stuff is just unreal.

  15. Geithner is so full of it, it he was challenged about $400,000 for each job created he would say, “Well that is a great deal!”. Right Timmy, as the Chinese businessmen laugh and go “Tee hee hee, you are living in Disneyworld better known as Washington, D.C. We have children working for pennies an hour under our repressive State Controlled system producing more than your flunkies working in jobs that cost hundreds of thousands to produce.”

    • it change to if, someone still types too fast!!

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