Another corporate media hack, Margi Murphy of Bloomberg, exposed as climate industrial complex disinformation shill

(Natural News) The act of using “public records laws to obtain public release of public records showing how public servants use their publicly financed positions and resources” to so-called “fact check” information about climate change is a form of harassment and bullying, according to Bloomberg News climate disinformation shill Margi Murphy.

An email that Murphy sent to Energy Policy Advocates (EPA), Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO) and various other people and entities associated with these two groups, explained that Bloomberg is joining the chorus of corporate media brigading about climate change that every so often stirs up ire and panic about climate science in order to keep the masses in line with the narrative.

Murphy wrote in her email that “intimidation and harassment” of “climate scientists” is a persistent problem that must be addressed by Bloomberg. She blamed EPA and GAO directly for this harassment, claiming them to be the “two organizations that have been most aggressive in requesting scientists’ emails, including WhatsApp and Signal correspondence.”

Once again, those requests for emails and other information are perfectly legal, perfectly normal, and perfectly reasonable – something that Murphy and her fake news outlet apparently know nothing about. (Related: The Associated Press is another climate shilling disinformation front that uses psychological terrorism to manipulate the masses into believing global warming lies.)

Every time Congress holds a climate hearing, the climate cult is busy publishing fake news hit pieces against critics

Ironically enough, Murphy and her ilk are the ones who should be requesting said information themselves in order to fact check the fact checkers. If Murphy was a real journalist, and if Bloomberg was a real news outlet, they would be the ones doing this dirty work.

Instead, they routinely publish criticisms against others for dredging up whatever information they can about the climate cult and its operations on social media platforms like Facebook, which recently launched a new information cancelation campaign called “Climate Feedback.”

“That operation is styled as an ‘independent fact checker’ but (like some media outlets, it seems) on call to try and cancel those who effectively question climate dogma – specifically to date Steve Koonin, Richard Lindzen/PragerU, Bjorn Lomborg, Michael Shellenberger and John Stossel,” wrote Anthony Watts for Watts Up With That.

“While this cancelation campaign – like Greenpeace’s FOIAs – is of course virtuous, asking about public employees’ role in it is ‘intimidation’ and ‘harassment.’”

Murphy’s requests for material for her hit piece reportedly became more “urgent” as the week went on in anticipation of a rumored House “climate disinformation” hearing. It seems Murphy wanted to get ahead of that by churning out something to make those probing the climate crusaders look bad.

Watts wrote that there is a coordinated effort among media hacks like Murphy, activist public relations groups, social media and some politicians to intimidate and harass those who want to know the truth behind the climate front by claiming that their truth-seeking work is a form of intimidation and harassment.

“That is to say, there’s a coordinated media/Hill/activist PR campaign aggressively using government office and other resources to decry opposition to their agenda as a coordinated PR campaign and therefore improper, and that asking for records about how public institutions are used in intimidating, harassing campaigns to cancel opponents is the real intimidation and harassment,” Watts explained.

It turns out that Murphy’s “urgent” emails, along with many others like it, have been blasted out multiple times on multiple different occasions every time Congress gears up for a climate hearing. Watts calls the hit pieces that are written from any responses received “props” that the climate cult uses during hearings to control the narrative.

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