Australian Labour Party links to criminal Jew Frank Lowy and World Cup Scandal

I was really shocked and disappointed to learn that Frank Lowy is a business partner and homosexual lover, to lesbian Julia Gillard’s life friend, the gay Tim Mathieson. Really shocked. I warned my local politicians about the soccer scams months before Lowy decided to lobby for the World Cup. His involvement in 9/11 WT7 should not be dismissed because his partnership with Silverstein was made few months before the terrorist attacks and the insurance money has been a “quick” bonus for his investment. When we came to Australia in 1954 after a short stay in Katoomba we met a fabulous Kytherian family who introduced us to one of their friends in Penrith. This friend in Penrith was an extremely innovative person, hard working but biz minded. He had this idea to build an arcade in Penrith. F.Lowy had a deli- grocery shop with a partner further down the street. You know, fresh sandwiches and middle eastern delicacies. Anyway, he became very friendly with the greek friend , always hanging around asking advise, requesting to be introduced to his contacts etc. Our greek friend was a true Liberal supporter (kythera suffered from left wing supporters during civil war) and Lowy was keen to meet through our greek friend council, state and federal members. Meantime our friend was keen to buy a property opposite his shop arcade because the vacant block opposite was bigger and offered potential for private parking etc.
Our greek friend had seen the malls on a trip to America in late 60’s and was prepared to go along those lines for his next project. Unfortunately the land was not zoned for such a project and the deal fell through. Few months later it was revealed that Lowy had bought the land, passed D/A and started the first WESTFIELD project on the vacant land opposite our greek friend. Needless to say Westfield completely killed other biz around the shopping center
and our friends investment became worthless as all shops became vacant. All the shops in the arcade went broke. The arcade had built with a bank loan to be repaid through rent. Our greek friend was struggling to meet his committments. He was on the verge of bankruptcy. Few years later all shops in arcade were empty and the only offer he had for a tenant was from a brothel owner. Jewish.
As I am writing this my blood is boiling with anger. So, I will skip the details and tell you till the day he died he was still trying to juggle around his finances not to go bankrupt. With persistence his children managed recently to get finances under control but you can see the price of Frank Lowy friendship.
The big question is – HOW DID LOWY secure the huge loan required to build the first Westfield? He and his partner were small time grocery store shop keepers.
I did some background research and found he served in special forces trained in Israel and took part in the 7 days war. A few scandals, especially the one where he was accused a few years ago by the Israeli Government for his involvement with former Israeli PM regarding a dodgy loan in Israel for a bank acquisition. Israel had sent an investigation committee here but the case was folded quietly. He also served for many years on the Board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank! while he was serving on the board Westfield expanded to every major suburb. He even got Westfield on the stock exchange.
Could it be that his initial funding came from Israel? could he have a silent partner? Well, the story gets even more intriguing. I knew about his off-shore activities when the Greek SIEMENS scandal broke out. The accounts used to pay off politicians for various infrastructure contracts were in a Liechenstein Bank (the sister of British Prince Phillip) is major shareholder of the bank. Liechenstein is tax haven for off-shore banking. One of the names and accounts mentioned belonged to Lowy. An audit investigation in Australia found that although there was incrimidating indications there was not sufficient evidence so the case was dismissed. The World cup bid cost australia millions of dollars of tax payers money for bribes to two jewish contacts who did not deliver on their promise to secure the event for australia. Google up the World cup scandal or if I have time will find you the full amount spent on the soccer farce. Lowy like most jews have “a thing” about close friendship with Greeks because they conned a Greek family who have a thriving pearl biz to donate each committee member a valuable pearl gift when they visited Australia before the official bid. Kevin Rudd was also sucked in for this rubbish scam.

a taste of very local jewish bullshit friendship con deals. There is a lot more. I could go on and on – but I have to be precise, with names and dates because they are very very serious allegations and very serious crimes. do not overlook the McGuirk scandal. Who was the accused for murder and who paid him to carry out the crime? The one who paid is the REAL murderer. Was he a jew? yes.
Jews behind every major crime and scam in Australia, using Greeks, lebos and other ethnic strongmen to do the wheelig and dealing and serve time when necessary.
that is enough for now – you probably have your own exeriences?

I had asked to publish the story in Harris Park Journo and they would not hear of it!! One day I will arrange for you to meet them.  Even our local politicians are afraid to mention anything against him.  It’s the backlash is what they are afraid of. Lowy hangs around the greek club in Elizabeth street and one day a friend told me he plays cards with him.  I told him to be careful because Eliniki Leshi was owned by his Brother in Law who died and recently his wife also died, so I thought its best to warn Aleco Rafti just in case he inherited it or something.  Man, he got so upset.  He said, Effie he is a gentleman.  He loves greeks!  Respectible etc etc.  I was forced to download Lowy’s involvement in 9/11 print it out and give it to him to read for himself AND STILL HE WAS HESITANT.  Alecos said Effie he is so smart.  He is a self made millionaire. Alecos my friend buys a lot of real estate from plans.  Maybe Lowy wants to sell him some real estate or buy the Elizabeth street property or something.  He is not his friend for nothing that is for sure.  I have not seen my friend Aleco since then.  I think he is in a state of denial.



Don’t fret, I wrote my own personal story about how Westfield wrecked Parramatta shopping center – with the help of the council – they closed off streets, diverted traffic, degraded the main street church street, got all the homeless to hang around the main park so all serious biz went to Westfield – they even got a subsidized local bus which ran from the quay, by passed the main streets of Parramatta and stopped at Westfield.  They even upgraded the train station and gave Westfield permission for an underground mall upto the entrance of the station and an overhead bridge direct from station to Westfield shopping centre.  How many greeks had their shops or properties compulsorily acquired around the station?  I have written many  full front page articles on this with details and signed my name with my photo – because I do not give a damn about weasels like Lowy.  Of course eventually I was called by the Jewish Board of Deputies about an article I republished in the Harris Park Journo 2008 concerning the financial crisis in USA and another about GAZA.  That is another story. Back to Westfield Parramatta.  While I was writing these articles the council had acquired the properties of the full building block, except TWO.  One was a corner shop property in Darcy Street, which was leased out to HUNGRY JACKS, and the other was 3 small shops (650 sq meters in total). The first property is owned by Winston-Smith and the second is owned by Fazzolari.  NOW HERE IS A STORY !!!  HUNGRY JACKS corner property was in the family for over 50 years.Winston Smith is a very wealthy farmer who NEVER sold his fathers first property.  It was the first property bought by Winston Smith family when they arrived in Parramatta.  Fazzolari was also his fathers 1st property.  His father had come from Italy at the age of 17 and worked at Sydney markets.  When he got married they bought a little shop and lived upstairs.  All their children went to Kings School and made great careers.  Both properties had contributed to the council land for roads and lanes in the past.  NOW the council wanted to compulsorily acquire their properties for a project.  This is a long, but interesting story – its getting late, I do not want to bore you with the details.  I will tell you this – the Mayor was David Borger (whom my family always voted for), ALP, SATOR was the state minister and the project was signed over to GROCON (superpower building contractor). Fazzolari and Winston Smith took the Council to land and environment court and lost the case (500,000 dollar lost in legal expenses)!!  The compensation offered by the council to acquire the properties was the degraded land value.  BUT WHAT THE PARTNERSHIP COUNCIL GROCON planned to build would bring in millions and millions profit.  Don’t you find it amazing that the council signed off a contract to build a project including the 2 properties they had NOT YET ACQUIRED???

What if the 2 property owners took the case to high court and contested the land and environment decision?  THE MAYOR, THE STATE MINISTER AND everyone I knew said Winston Smith and Fazzolari would never win.    One day Fazzolari was told by a friend to read the Harris Park Journo and after reading my articles called and asked to see me.


That is when he briefed me on all the morbid details of what the council was planning.  On HUNGRY JACKS property they were planning to build 35 storey up and 5 underground and a tunnel to the station.  On Fazzolari property 40 storey up and 5 underground (parking and underground commercial upto the station).


Meantime Westfield was sold to Indian Company and Lowy sons kept the strata management.


The council was offering compensation for Fazzolari property $4,5 mil and Fazzolari asked for $9,5 mil  At that time Fazzolari was Director of the Finance Company associated in some way with MIRVAC!!! so he knew what was a fair compensation.  He even offered the council not to pay him in money but give him the equivalent worth in property value of what ever they were going to build on his property.  Fair is fair.


If you are interested I will write the rest tomorrow.  I will finish off by telling you that Fazzolari and Winston Smith won the High court case against parramatta council and grocon.

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