Beetles in your cake? How this secret ingredient means you could be eating insects EVERYDAY – from Mr Kipling slices to yoghurt (and it’s even in your favourite lipstick!)

  • Carmine or E120 is commonly produced from ground up cochineal beetles


PUBLISHED: 02:01 EST, 13 November 2023

It’s probably one of the last things you think about when you open a tasty treat or put on some lipstick.

Eating insects is something we usually get entertainment from seeing people do on I’m a Celebrity.

But food derived from insects can actually be found in your cupboard as well.

A preservative known as E120, produced from ground up cochineal beetles, can be found in everyday products from cake to lipstick.

The sneaky product is sometimes labelled on packaging as Carmine, such as in Mr Kipling’s Angel Slices.

Mr Kipling’s Angel Slices are among popular products to contain Carmine or E120

The hidden preservative derived from the cochineal beetle is routinely used for dying products such as food and lipstick

Carmine is found in a range of foods, from yoghurts to red sweets, jelly and M&Ms.

But it’s also among ingredients in Estee Lauder’s lipstick range.

What is Carmine?

Carmine or E120 is an additive used to give foods a bright red colour.

The dye is obtained from aluminium complex derived from carminic acid, which is extracted from the cochineal beetle.

It’s used in a variety of products, from food to cosmetics.

As of 2019, under EU directives, manufacturers must label the ingredient as ‘carminic acid’, ‘carmine’ or by its E number rather than as ‘cochineal’.

The carmine colour can be produced synthetically, but the food industry predominantly uses the natural cochineal-extracted colorant because of its lower cost.

The additive continues to be used in foods as it is safe and long-lasting and isn’t affected by heat or light. 

A quarter of a cochineal’s weight is carminic acid, which is harvested from non-flying females using prickly pear cacti pads. 

Among the world’s largest exporters of E120 are South American countries including Peru and Brazil, where it is a vital source of income for farmers.

E120 was even the subject of an entire book written on its history by author Amy Butler Greenfield.

A Perfect Red recounts the cochineal extract’s longstanding use particularly in the textile trade

But Ms Butler Greenfield expresses her view that the controversial product should be more clearly labelled by manufacturers, which use different names to hide the product’s origin. 

While some companies have switched to alternative sources for red food dye including colourings from beetroot and radish.

Coffee giant Starbucks now uses lycopene, a tomato based ingredient, in its iced coffees, cakes and smoothies.

But others have stuck with the bug extract in their products, including Premier Foods, which owns a plethora of brands such as Mr Kipling, Oxo stocks, Homepride, Sharwoods, Saxa and Ambrosia.

Other frequently used insect-derived additives include beeswax (E901), which is used to glaze sweets such as Haribo golden bears and jelly beans.

Shellac (E904), a resin produced by female lac bugs when they are laying eggs, is commonly used to in fruit waxes to prevent them losing moisture. 

Although the process for production hasn’t changed, the Vegetarian Society announced last year that it would no longer approve products containing shellac as of the end of December 2023.


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