But Unlike The Sheep, I Died With My Testicles Hanging and Still Intact

The casterated Sheep bleat pitifully as their throats are cut-
They jumped through all demanded hoops and toed the line but-

It did not save them from the mass slaughters of the jackals plan-
I may have been assassinated, executed many times but I died a man-

I died by blade, poison, shot from hiding by cowards in the back-
Murdered again and again by demonic possessed jackals aided by sheep who lack-

Intelligence or intestinal fortitude, willing slaves to those who rape and slaughter their young-
Existing in fear, shaking in their wool, walking in herds blindly among-

The minions of the imps of hell, those who farm them like sheep-
Herd animals who spend their whole existence spiritually asleep-

Standing up against evil, serving God has caused my physical death as the jackals in anger react-
But unlike the sheep, I died with my testicles hanging and still intact!

The Ole Dog!


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