Death Star: Supermassive black hole blast travels 300,000 light years (PHOTO)

A composite photograph taken over the course of 15 years by the space agency’s Chandra X-ray Observatory looks like the superlaser from the Death Star planet destroyer.

But fear not: the phenomenon is nearly 500 million light years from earth and is apparently part of the normal workings of the universe.

It shows a “huge amount of gravitational energy” swirling in intergalactic space.

According to NASA, the enormous jet of particles and electrons is travelling over a distance of 300,000 light years at almost the speed of light – giving some indication to the forces on display.

Using x-ray imagery, a blue beam can be seen by the naked eye shooting from left to right through gas into a bright area known as a “hotspot”.

The black hole was photographed in the Pictor A galaxy. Black holes, or singularities, are sometimes referred to as ‘star eaters,’ due to their gravitational pull.

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NASA experts have been studying the image to gain further insights into the blasts of energy and electromagnetic radiation.

Earlier this month, scientists spotted a similar space vortex which appeared to be “burping” gas and star-forming dust.

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