French Catholic church to USE THE VATICAN’S MULTITUDE of CHILD RAPING PRIEST to PUSH “DIGITAL IDS” Instead Of Obeying Jesus, Tying a Millstone Around the Child Raper’s Neck And Throwing Em in the Deep End

The scannable ID cards will help to identify blacklisted priests.

The French Catholic Church of Pedophilia will have all of its bishops, priests, and deacons carry ID cards with QR codes in order to “shield” children from child rape at the hands of pedo priest.

It is FACT when you obey Jesus’s COMMAND, execute those who rape children, that evil soul-less minion of the dark side never again in this life, rapes another child.

The first two or three popes ran whore houses which included children to be raped for money.

Pedophilia is the cornerstone of the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Pedo pope giving a “private blessing” to Mossad Jeffery and his Mossad child rape Madam.

When a child raping priest is identified, the Vatican refuses to allow the country they are in give the predator a trial, but claims the priest in under Vatican Law.

Then the pope moves the child raping priest from the perish he has been outed as a child raper, to one where the parents have no idea the pervert is going to rape their children, so the Pope’s Pedophile priest can continue to rape children.

It is scientific FACT when one cuts a baby raping priest nuts out, feeds them to the pervert for his last meal, cut his dick off he has raped many children with, shove it up his ass, sew his ass hole shut so his dick does not pop out when the noose breaks his neck, he NEVER again in this life rapes a child.

Sewing his ass hole shut has the added benefit of keeping the pig from shitting his pants when his neck snaps.
Less mess and smell for those who have to dispose of the carrion.

A Bishop who was known to be a child rapist who the pope made his right hand man.
The child raping buttie of the pope is now burning in hell

This God Hating organization of baby rapers is trying to use their own raping of babies to help force SLAVE “digital IDs” on humanity.

I will also remind folks the pope and his Vatican minions also encouraged parents to murder their own children with killer jabs for a non existent “virus”.

This “scientific” advise from the same bunch who burned at the stake many of God’s messengers for telling the truth the world is not flat

215 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

The Ole Dog!


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