Germans Building New Houses for Migrants While Evicting the Poor from Their Homes


Local authorities in the German town of Bergheim are set to build 60 brand new houses at a cost of around €12 million euros to house incoming migrants even as Germans themselves are being evicted from their homes to make way for asylum seekers.

The town, which has a population of 59,000, is situated about 20 km west of Cologne.

A report citing the German broadcaster Radio Erft reveals that the houses will be large enough to accommodate a total of 600 asylum seekers and that land in the urban areas of Kenten, Oberaußem-Fortuna and Quad-Ichendor has already been set aside for the project.

The project is necessary because the country is running out of suitable facilities to house the migrants, with available gymnasiums, temporary camps and disused office facilities now at a premium. 10,000 migrants cross the Austrian border into Germany every single day.

Back in July, Bergheim already took in around 150 refugees who were housed in a large gymnasium.

The choice of Bergheim as a location for the migrants also presents a clear security risk given that extremist Salafist preachers who already live in the town have openly declared their intention to recruit new jihadists from the ranks of arriving “refugees”.

While migrants are being provided new houses free of charge, German citizens are being evicted from their homes to offset the influx of asylum seekers.

As the London Telegraph reports, Germans living in apartments owned by local municipalities are being told to leave because the flats are needed to house migrants, even though the current occupants are paying rent.

With the migrant crisis showing no signs of abating, talks this past weekend between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and party leaders only served to bring more discord.

Meanwhile, the German village of Sumte – population 102 – faces a tidal wave of 750 migrants – a number so unbelievable that when the district government first informed Sumte’s Mayor Christian Fabe of the plan, he initially considered it to be a hoax.

A New York Times report on the story wasted no time in portraying opponents of the scheme as “Nazis” and “extremists”


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