If American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union Still Existed & Texas Were Still A State, US/DC Would Not Have Right To Tell Texicans Not To Defend Texas’s Borders

If the manic depressive rabidly racist against African Americans closet homosexual atheists Marxist yankee puritan Lincoln

had not killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, which he did in 1861, and if the occupied Republic of Texas had not legally seceded in 1860 from that Volunteer Union which the Republic of Texas Voluntarily joined in 1847, and the US constitution mens jack shit under Lincoln’s Mandatory Marxist Military Dictatorship, which it don’t, then the ‘UNITED STATES’, which is not a government but a International For Profit Corporation

would not have the right or be telling Texicans to fuck off and stop defending Texas’s borders from an illegal invasion of 3ed world criminals which the US Corporation is making sure happens.

The Republic of Texas legally voluntarily seceded from the Volunteer union it Voluntarily joined in 1860.

In 1861 Lincoln and his yankee Marxist killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and wiped their yankee asses on the US Constitution.

Thus the Republic of Texas is not legally a part of the US Corporation, the US constitution is window dressing which don’t mean jack shit, and EVERYTHING ‘THE UNITED STAES ‘ does is illegal, a war crime and piussing in the face of the American Revolutionaries, Humanity and the Creator God.

And that’s the damn truth.

Oh One More Thing.

This ‘Supreme Court”.

The Ole Texican Dog!


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