Jews Demand: ”Keep Joshua Bonehill in Prison Forever”

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2016



“Keep Joshua Bonehill in prison forever.”

This seems to be what (((the powers that be))) are telling the British Government with regard to free speech martyr Joshua Bonehill.

He’s currently in prison serving a three and a half year sentence for some Charlie Hebdo style online cartoons which the Jews did not like, and now he’s been told that he is to face FURTHER charges over 5 articles he wrote online the end of 2014/beginning of 2015, namely:

  1. ‘Racist anti-white Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger exposed.’
  2. ‘Is the Labour Party a Jewish Party?’
  3. ‘ZOG attacks The Daily Stormer in relation to successful Berger campaign.’
  4. ‘Joshua Bonehill: on the eve of battle.’
  5. ‘The Legacy of “Operation Filthy Jew bitch.” ‘

Many of these articles, be it noted, relate to the imprisoning of patriot Garron Helm for his making a Charlie Hebdo style cartoon of Jewish Labour Member of Parliament Luciana Berger and posting it online.


The offending image, tweeted to Ms. Berger by Garron Helm

Now with regard to these 5 articles by Joshua Bonehill, let’s get something straight. He hasn’t written these and posted them on line while in prison. These were posted online long before the trial that led to his imprisonment. The authorities were well aware of them then. They’d scrutinised every article and every cartoon of Joshua’s, seeking ways to convict him. So why wasn’t he charged with penning these 5 articles at his infamous free speech trial?

I’ve taken legal advice on this and even the lawyers are perplexed. The only similar scenario would be in the clear-cut, black and white situation of a normal criminal being imprisoned, for say a bank robbery, and then it SUBSEQUENTLY being discovered that the said felon was guilty of other past robberies, of which the judicial system was not aware at the time of his trial. This is why British criminals facing trial and planning to plead guilty are advised by their lawyers to ask for dozens of other crimes to be taken into consideration. British justice takes all the crimes as a whole and provides one sentence to cover the lot, (technically speaking a sentence is given for each one, but they run concurrently, so that 4 x 6 month sentences actually translates as one 6 month sentence, but the outcome is the same.) This technique helps clear up rates, and rewards the criminal for his honesty.


The meme that landed Joshua Bonehill a three year prison sentence

However we get into a very different area when we consider thought crimes, political crimes and crimes against political correctness. After all this is an extremely grey area, for no one really knowing what in this field constitutes a crime and what doesn’t – not the police, not the judges, not the judicial system, and the jury certainly haven’t a clue. Everyone takes advice from higher up. Even the Crown Prosecution Service take advice from (((higher up))), but even then they only take a case to court if they think it has a highly likely probability of resulting in a conviction, which in essence means ‘what an average jury of 12 good men and women true will think of the case’. In such cases it has been established by precedent that ‘Truth is no defence’ – that’s the sort of murky waters we’re in. It basically comes down to the quality of the lawyers on either side and the politics, will, stubborness, courage and character of the judge and the jury.

Nick Griffin back in 2004 was arrested on the charge of stirring up racial hatred for alleging that Muslim gangs were grooming, drugging and raping young white girls throughout the length and breadth Britain. The only reason people were not talking about this issue was because they didn’t know about it and this in turn was because there was an active conspiracy of silence among the social services, the police, and the government. The Crown Prosecution Service thought they would get an easy conviction, as did most journalists, however this was an example of them believing their own propaganda. Just because the issue of Muslim rape gangs hadn’t been covered in the press did not mean that the issue did not exist, far from it, as with so very many topics of national importance that the mass media choose to ignore. In the event the jury was having none of it, for they all knew of girls who had suffered at the hands of the Muslim grooming gangs and so they promptly returned ‘a not guilty verdict’. The result stunned the chattering classes, but the truth was now out there, and from that moment on the local authorities, the police, the social services etc were willing to tackle the issue and it soon came to dominate the news headlines.

File photo dated 20/06/09 of former British National Party (BNP) party leader Nick Griffin who has been expelled from membership of the BNP.File photo dated 20/06/09 of former British National Party (BNP) party leader Nick Griffin who has been expelled from membership of the BNP.

Nick Griffin, arrested for talking about Pakistani grooming gangs.

What Joshua Bonehill is trying to do is to go for the jugular by exposing in one fell swoop the whole conspiracy of silence on a whole range of issues, and to do so by exposing (((the conspirators))) and (((THE CONSPIRACY))) itself, and for this he deserves our support, not least because his line of attack is far more heavily defended, but because if successful it will lead to total victory.

I spoke to a leading legal brain on these latest charges against Joshua, and he told me that a dangerous precedent was being set here. Joshua has written over a thousand articles/sketches/cartoons that have been posted on line and all can be seen online. If the (((authorities))) get away with extending his sentence for a further year by newly charging and convicting him with these 5 old articles in the way they are doing now, they could in theory charge him every year with another of his cartoons for the rest of his life and so prolong his sentence until he dies in prison. Don’t put it past them! (((The Enemy ))) is capable of anything and will use all means necessary, as we see today in France where Professor Robert Faurisson is being tried in a French court for comments he made in Iran over a decade ago. The comments made are perfectly legal in Iran, he broke no law there, so in effect he is being tried in a French court for a thought crime that took place outside the legal jurisdiction of the French court.

Robert FaurissonRobert Faurisson

Robert Faurisson, imprisoned for questioning the sixty trillion.

(((The Enemy))) is ruthless, and this ruthlessness is only tempered by the glare of publicity, which they avoid like a vampire avoids the daylight, relying upon (((their))) total control of the press to suppress any such attention. It is imperative therefore that we at least get the truth of what is happening out there to those who can still think, and do so in whichever way we can. Reproduced herewith, with Joshua’s blessing, is a recent letter from him calling on the readers of The Daily Stormer to highlight this latest injustice of the so-called justice system.

His initial hearing on these new charges will be at 9.30am on Tuesday 5th July 2016 at Westminster Magistrates Court, 181 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5BR, (check the Court’s website in case of time/date changes). If you can go along do so. As you can see from his letter, he’s not giving up, he’s a fighter, and such a fighter deserves our support.

A recent letter from the Hero and political prisoner Joshua Bonehill.

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Information on how to write to Joshua is available here.

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