Killer Jabbed MSNBC Host Reveals She Developed Pericarditis and Myocarditis Due to “Common Cold”

Remember all those heart conditions we used to get from getting a common cold?

Me neither!

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MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian revealed to her viewers on Saturday that she had been missing for a while because she developed myocarditis and pericarditis allegedly due to a common cold.

“I know from my Twitter feed that many of you have wondered why I have been off the air for a little while. Well, I have been dealing with a little bit of a health scare,” Vossoughian told her viewers.

The newscaster said that she first experienced chest pains back in December 2021 and that they “waxed and waned over the period of ten days.”

Initially, the doctor thought she was experiencing reflux.

“I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but as they continued to get worse, I started to think something was actually wrong. It was December 30 when I finally went to an Urgent Care and was told I had reflux,” she said.

“I didn’t really buy it, but I was relieved it wasn’t my heart. My body, though, was pretty certain not to believe the reflux. The next day on December 30th, I woke up with severe pains, both in my chest and in my left shoulder. And it was like a tightening in my chest when I took deep breaths that got worse when I was laying flat,” she added.

She was immediately rushed to the emergency room by her husband. “And from there, the nightmare that has been my January began,” she said.

According to Vossoughian, she was diagnosed with pericarditis which was allegedly caused by a common cold.

“I was diagnosed with pericarditis, inflammation of the lining of my heart brought on by a virus, a literal common cold,” she said. “I also had fluid around my heart that had to be drained, or else it could hinder the beating of my heart.”

She was hospitalized for four nights before she was discharged.

However, she was readmitted to the hospital with myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) three days later after she had what she described as a “flutter in my heart like a butterfly” and stayed there for another five nights while undergoing a “battery” of tests before being released.


Vaccinated MSNBC Host Reveals She Developed Pericarditis and Myocarditis Due to “Common Cold” (VIDEO)


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