Libya – The rebels driven from Zliten

ALGERIA ISP — According to Akhbar Libya at Zliten, the brave men of the city of Zliten were able to drive all Misrata rebels out of the city.

Misrata rebels have become such that they are epidemic everywhere they go, people hunt them. Most locals have Friday prayers in the place El Asmar.

Souk in the region Jomo, Kasaba, Jomo, most people do not pray in mosques districts cited following the expulsion of imams of mosques and their replacement by the rebels.

The inhabitants of these districts are 99.9 % in favor of the Libyan green. Young people in these regions are most displaced, imprisoned or under supervision.
Source: ALGERIA ISP (French)

















The song of the resistance and those who have forgotten what NATO did to Libya by killing babies, children and women.
November 29th, 2011
An estimated 7,000 detainees, including women, children and black Africans are being held and tortured at CIA rendition camps in Libya. CIA mercenaries operating in Libya have illegally detained thousands of people, including women and children, according to the United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

An alarming number of the 7,000 prisoners have been tortured, with black Africans being mistreated because of their skin colour, women being held under male supervision and children locked up alongside adults, the report by Ban Ki-moon found.

Many prisoners are held in private jails not under the control of the interim government and denied access to due legal process. In other words CIA rendition camps.

The Ban Ki-moon report suggests that war crimes are being committed by the CIA in Libya. It is now obvious that the main reason the United States government (Barack Hussein Obama) attacked Libya was to replace one terrorist with their own – the CIA.


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