More Hard Proof of Hoaxing and Faking in Mali Raddison Shooting Hoax

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More Hard Proof of Hoaxing and Faking in Mali Raddison Shooting Hoax

What an arch-fake it is, in fact, fake to the extreme. Nothing could be more obviously phony than the supposed attack by ‘Muslim’ terrorists against the Mali-based Raddison hotel. The world should boycott Radisson as a result. Like numerous other Zionist-controlled entities it has perpetrated a complete fraud, one that could result in real harm, that is the harm caused by Islamophobic paranoia as well as outright falsely induced hate.

There is now momentum against Islamic people. The Zionists won’t let this go. They seek to increase the pressure against such innocents, causing the entire world to descend upon them.

What other way of life is tarnished with such extreme blame, held responsible for acts it has nothing to do with and, rather, decidedly resists. Per the 17th chapter of the Qur’aan: “Moreover, do not take another human’s life (other than in an absolutely unavoidable circumstance, that is in a just cause such as self-defense in warfare or when being attacked or to exact just retribution)…” And per Chapter 25 the “true servants of God are those who walk gently on the earth…”

To walk gently and to never maliciously murder anyone is precisely the opposite of the actions of the enemies of Islaam, the criminal Zionist elements, which are hostile to the extreme.

Nor is bearing false witness, the seeming embedded nature of the Zionist, allowable to any degree for the devout follower of Islaam: “Furthermore (realize that those who are true to God are only) those who never bear witness to what is false…”

Yet, even so, still, for all such hideous acts, who is heaped with false blame other than such followers of this grand faith, in fact, being blamed for actions which are the opposite of the teachings of this system: opposite, in fact, of the actions and behaviors of dedicated Islamic people.

Thus, once again, it is those radical ‘Mooslims’ who did it: 10 of them, armed with grenades and assault rifles. Yet, when in real life, a devout Islamic person would have acted in the opposite, attempting to prevent any such bloodthirsty attack.

Regarding Mali, it is those who are polarized against the Islamic faith who are responsible: devious elements of the French, Israeli, and American secret services.

What kind of a ludicrous hoax demonstration is this? Mali troops walk in front of a colleague who is holding up a massive shield. What in the world are they afraid of? Simultaneously, in the foreground are those who are merely casually walking about or standing there unprotected.


It was not enough to trust the Mali special forces. Both the Israelis and the French descended on the scene.


The above Zionist agent is clearly a director, causing people to move in the desired direction.

The luggage is supposed to represent that of the purported terrorists, which they used, say the Zionists, to transport grenades and ammo. No one can find this believable to any degree, and anyone with even the slightest bet of brain matter would know that this is staged.

Sure they did, right. They bombed the place with grenades. Does this scene show any evidence of bomb-blasts of any kind?

This is clearly nothing other than mere water soluble paint. The hoaxers saw fit to do this in the back stairwell, made of cement (no carpet), therefore being easy to hose down and clean. Of note, there is no clotting of the material; plus, it is not degrading, turning virtually black, as would be expected, as it loses its oxygen. Too, notice on the walls the complete lack of arterial splatter, as would absolutely be seen with the spillage of this much real blood:

It’s amateur hour, in fact, for the entire affair. That’s why the Israelis were leveraged.

Even so, no matter how much fake gore they show, how many supposed corpses and how much red matter – it’s irrelevant, because, clearly, this is a staged event, a mere drill: an absolute hoax.


The French are in on it, sure they are. What perfect timing it is considering the revelation of the Paris Concert Shooting Scam.

What’s this Frenchman ripping down the police tape for? The investigation has only just begun.


This man, chased from his hotel by those supposed radicals, says it all.





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