Mossad Rebellion against the Netanyahu Administration’s judicial reform

Mossad Rebellion against the Netanyahu Administration’s judicial reform

A Pentagon radio memo that was leaked and made public claims that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency encouraged demonstrations against judicial reform by the Netanyahu administration. This accusation comes amid an investigation into classified US document leaks.

According to a top-secret US National Security Agency dossier, the Mossad encouraged its personnel and common people to take part in large-scale protests against the Israeli government’s proposed judicial reform. This document is only a small portion of a vast collection of NSA files that contain information about Washington’s allies and enemies in the Middle East that was gathered through espionage. When it comes to intelligence gathering methods, the Americans make no distinction between the former and the latter.

According to intelligence released to the press and Internet, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff operational reports, the anti-government protests in Israel were supported not only by five former Mossad chiefs, but also by the current head of Israel’s Mossad espionage agency, David Barnea. The latter in particular gave permission for agency personnel to take part in disobedience actions directly.

Spying by US intelligence agencies on Israeli colleagues is not unusual. Numerous cases of spying on European allies, including economic and political espionage against European countries, support experts’ findings that former intelligence agency partnership obligations are being replaced by American “concepts.” Washington views foreign allies as potential targets of aspirations, against which not only spying but also other hostile activities are acceptable.

If the Netanyahu administration is expelled and resigns as a result of the current political crisis in Israel, the White House will play a role in this, because it did not want to warn its ally about local security forces’ hostility to the Israeli government.

Bakhtiar Usmanov, a political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

Сообщение Mossad Rebellion against the Netanyahu Administration’s judicial reform появились сначала на New Eastern Outlook.


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