Paul Warns Of Omicron Overreach: ‘Unscientific Fauci Will Want You To Wear An Extra Mask, And Dictate You Can’t Go To Church’

Senator Rand Paul warned Wednesday that despite knowing little to nothing about the Omicron variant of COVID, which has been described as mild by South African doctors and experts, the prescription from the likes of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden is ‘more government and less freedom.’

Appearing on Fox News, Paul urged that Fauci is a “partisan” who “always defaults to more rules, more regulation, and less of your liberty.”

Paul further noted that “instead of waiting to find out whether this is a dangerous variant, [Fauci] immediately wants to test everybody.”

The Senator continued, “If you heard tomorrow that a new coronavirus came out of South Africa, but the symptoms were the same as a cold and that no one was dying from it, why would you want to test everybody? You would waste millions of dollars, interrupt millions of people’s travel, quarantine all these people.”

“Now, if it’s the black plague, maybe we do have to do more testing. So, I’m not saying absolutely we don’t. I’m just saying we’ve no idea,” Paul continued, emphasizing “Why would you make a blanket decision for the whole world on locking the economy down, locking the country up, banning travel before you know whether this is a deadly variant or a less deadly variant?”

Paul further explained, “It would be foolish to have any public health policy come out tomorrow — anything that Biden says will be unsupported by any science – and it will be his gut protective, ‘government must do something,’”

“In all likelihood, government will do the wrong thing. We should wait, we should pause, and study this,” the Senator maintained, adding “The first thing we need to know is [whether] this a worse variant or a less-lethal variant … If it’s less lethal, this might be a lucky break for us. If it’s more lethal, the government should do is get out of the way of a new vaccine and also new monoclonal antibodies.”

“Instead, Fauci will want you to wear an extra mask, and dictate you can’t go to church,” Paul urged.


In a further interview with Breitbart News, Paul argued that it is the misinformation put out by the likes of Fauci that is leading to the “vaccine hesitancy” among Americans that complains about and uses a justification for stricter regulations.

“I think hesitancy is coming from the misinformation of the big-government types,” Paul said, also noting that “I think it’s actually malpractice not to consider natural immunity.”

“So for example, if you’re a pediatrician and you’re telling every kid to be vaccinated without any consideration for whether or not they’ve already had COVID, I think you’re really practicing bad medicine,” Paul urged, adding “I would suggest that everybody who thinks about getting a vaccine for their child ask first for an antibody test.”

The Senator added “[Fauci] has completely ignored over a 100 million people in our country who have already had COVID.”

“Most of the time, [Fauci] is giving edicts that really reflect his own sort of authoritarian impulses, and this is true of a lot of people in public health,” Paul concluded, adding “The people who gravitate to public health are people [and] doctors who are content to work for government. They’ve never really been in business, and their first impulse is to try to stop a disease by controlling the people.”



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