Regarding Putin’s Palace Worth of 1 Billion, We just Discovered One Picture was Photoshopped

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The entire mainstream media, including the Russian one is running a story about Vladimir Putin being one of the richest people in the world, owning at least $200 Billion and a huge palace in the Krasnodar region.

They took the pictures from and went with the story condemning Putin as a wealthy president even calling the “THE richest man in the world”, while all conveniently leaving out the likes of Jewish families such as Rothschild who are TRILLIONAIRES, not billionaires.

Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are denying that this palace belongs to him but on the other hand nobody else has come forward as being the owner and besides just look at how presidential everything is.

All classic style just like in the Kremlin, Russian coat of arms everywhere with the double headed eagle, golden classic chairs and there’s even a mini-hockey and everybody knows how much Putin loves hockey. This palace looks like a miniature Kremlin so the design itself kind of adds credibility to the story but you won’t believe what we discovered.

Here’s a gallery of his palace found on and as presented by the entire mainstream media:

The most shocking thing about this palace though is that throughout all of these rooms we did not find one single Cross or Crucifix despite knowing that Putin is a devout Christian, yet not one single Cross.

However on top of that, we also discovered a huge irregularity which could destroy this entire Putin Palace thing. We discovered that one of the photos which all originate from is PHOTOSHOPPED.

This is the one:

Look closer, zoomed in:

The man in this photo is no one else than Vladimir Putin himself. Now who would have taken a photo of Putin swimming in his own Palace pool? Navalny? His workers?? Out of the question! Totally!

Now check this out, we discovered the original photo of Putin swimming:

As you can see, Putin was cropped out of this original photo using Lasso Tool in Photoshop then added on top of that Palace pool found on

Despicable! And yeah we’re the best, nobody discovered this but us, yeah, we’re the best, we know, thanks!

This doesn’t prove that the palace isn’t his, but it does prove that there is shady stuff behind this Navalny guy.

Here’s a parody we did of the above Navalny photoshopped image:

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