Rolf Harris. The British police want your help! The evidence. Guilty or not guilty?

Rolf Harris has gone into hiding and avoided addressing the number one court in the land, The Court of Public Opinion. Make no mistake, the British police want the media to name Rolf Harris and gave all the clues they could without actually naming him. They want the public’s help and this site will do its part to help the British police.

It has been a week since I did my post on the media failing to name Rolf Harris in the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal and it is time to look at some of evidence and address some misleading information. (Click here to read the previous post)

British Police want Rolf Harris named

The mainstream media have said they have not named Rolf Harris because the police have not confirmed that it was him that they arrested and questioned. So where did the mainstream media get the information that it was an 82-year-old Australian entertainer who lives in Berkshire that the police arrested and questioned. They got it from the police obviously. The police could have just said they had questioned an 82-year-old man and no one would have known who it was. But the police made sure that they gave enough details so it was easy to guess who it was with pin point accuracy. I have no doubt the police want people to come forward with evidence as it has been reported they are looking for potential victims and they want Rolf Harris’s name spread far and wide to help find victims.

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