Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, White Helmets, and Other Issues

By Stephen Lendman


The struggle for Syria’s soul continues with no end of it in sight.

It’s because of diabolical US/NATO/Israeli imperial aims. 

They’ll likely continue endlessly with unrelenting savagery against long-suffering Syrians.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ) below discussed little about endless war in her latest weekly report.

Saying conditions remain “tense” in terrorist-held Idlib province, she noted that “(h)ostilities subsided in most” parts of the country.

Because of endless US-led aggression, hostilities can flare up almost anywhere in the country at any time — by Pentagon terror-bombing and deployment of jihadists to terrorize Syrian civilians.

MZ failed to report that Russian warplanes conducted a number of airstrikes on US-supported jihadists in Idlib over the weekend.

Early March ceasefire agreed to by Russia and Turkey failed to materialize as expected. Now it’s near total collapse.

In central Syria, Russian warplanes struck US-supported ISIS elements.

What Trump earlier called “100%” defeat of the jihadist group ignored its continued threat because of Pentagon/US intelligence community support.

According to Southfront, “ISIS terrorists launch attacks from the Homs desert on a regular basis.” 

“Most of the attacks are aimed at eastern Homs, eastern Hama, southern Raqqa and western Deir Ezzor” — with no end of them in prospect.

MZ noted a Der Spiegel report on White Helmet leader Khalid al-Saleh, a figure sharing group leadership with others.

He relocated from Jordan to Germany. The Merkel regime continues partnering with US aggressive wars on invented enemies.

Along with other NATO countries and Israel, it supports White Helmets terrorists that masquerade as civil defense workers.

According to Der Spiegel, Berlin long ago knew of Saleh’s extremist views and connection to terrorists — yet granted him asylum anyway.

MZ explained that Germany’s foreign ministry moved him and his family to the country via “government Airbus” — one Merkel herself used.

Along with other White Helmets terrorists, Saleh’s whereabout is “classified.”

A “motorcade with dozens of cars” took him to an unreported destination.

The Merkel regime honored him and other cutthroat White Helmets now domiciled in the country — part of its war on humanity in cahoots with the US.

MZ stressed her regime’s “hypocrisy” by this action and countless other that are hostile to peace and the rule of law.

Commenting on fascist Ukraine’s abominable human rights record, MZ said its ruling authorities are doing nothing to change their unacceptable actions, adding:

“There are continued systematic violations of basic human rights and freedoms in the country.” 

“The right to freedom and personal inviolability is not being observed.” 

“There are numerous cases of unlawful detention in custody, torture, intimidation and cruel treatment aimed, in part, at compelling the detainees to admit their guilt.”

State terrorism is official policy. Kiev’s contempt for the rule of law  began after the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 coup — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested fascist rule, the way things are now.

Its high crimes include episodes of aggression on Donbass, silencing dissent, abolishing other freedoms, racist persecution, discrimination against Russian citizens, “xenophobia, anti-Semitism and numerous acts of vandalism against religious sites and other places of worship.”

US-controlled Ukraine is a fascist police bordering Russia, a threat to the country and its own people.

Commenting on week ago Venezuelan parliamentary elections, MZ stressed the “lawful(ness)” of the Bolivarian process in a part of the world that operates by a polar opposite standard in most countries, notably in the US — a totalitarian police state masquerading as democratic.

MZ congratulated Caracas on conducting an exemplary election — “in strict compliance” with the rule of law.

The same standard applies for all Venezuelan elections — polar opposite rigged ones in the US and other Western countries.

They’re fantasy democracies unlike the real thing in the Bolivarian Republic — why US ruling authorities target it for regime change, wanting the threat of a good example eliminated and prevented from spreading elsewhere in the region.

Along with over 200 observers from 15 countries, Russian officials were involved.

They visited polling stations, met with Venezuelan election officials and leaders of political parties that competed for parliamentary seats.

Whenever Bolivarian Republic elections are held, they set the standard of what transparency and a democratic process are all about.

MZ: “Terminals were equipped with fingerprint identification devices that eliminated repeat voting.” 

“Full automation, high technical standards and an opportunity to conduct inspections at every phase of the election allowed the Bolivarian authorities to create an effective and reliable system, minimizing the risks of fraud.” 

“There are no grounds to disbelieve” the legitimacy of official results.

Venezuela’s electoral process is scrupulously open, free and fair — how it’s always been from inception.

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