Slaughter By the Death Cult Running Canada

With thanks to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of Global, for the help he gave me in pulling this essay together.


We are living through a time when an alleged Covid-19 “vaccine” is having the effect of crippling, maiming and killing a significant portion of the Earth’s people.

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This invasive global assault on the human species continues to be pressed forward behind the cover of dangerous deceptions. Pre-planned disinformation is being circulated to create false alarms linking the imagery of terrorism, medical decisions, and environmental conditions.

For over two years now we have been subject to an unprecedented scheme of mass injection. The contents of the shots pretend to provide a cure for the contagion said to be caused by a supposedly “novel” coronavirus.

This alleged new organism from the same family of pathogens that causes the flu and common colds (corona viruses), has never been certifiably isolated. No example of a unique cluster of clearly identifiable “SARS-CoV-2” coronaviruses has ever been shown to exist in an “unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.” See this.

The Covid-19 “Vaccine” Introduced in November 2020

The killer bioweapons in this saga are in the injection vials, not in the flu-like virus that provided the pretext for indiscriminately firing off of (at the time of writing) of 13.5 billion doses of the vaccine.

The entire operation was introduced to the public in October of 2019 with Event 201See this.

This “high-level pandemic exercise” began to go live in early 2020. By November of 2020 the deceptively-named COVID-19 “Vaccines” began to be disseminated with false promises that the injections had been properly tested and found by regulators to be “safe and effective.”

To this day many of the large array of substances inserted by the injections into flesh and blood, continue to be kept secret. It is well known, however, that jabs include mRNA/lipid nanoparticle concoctions that induce genetic transformations in the recipients’ bodies.

These bodies thereby become manufacturing sites for pathogenic spike proteins. Because of the role played by the lipid nanoparticles, these harmful concoctions have been pumped across major biological barriers into the full array of organs– including human brains– of over half of the world’s people.

Accordingly, a product disguised as a benign medical curative is in fact a deadly  device geared to inflicting intentional havoc, directly or indirectly, on the entire human race.

Many societies are in precipitous decline especially as working people become disabled. The steady growth of this phenomenon puts all sorts of new pressures on families in ways that are breaking the continuity of their lives. People are trying to cope by leaving paid employment to provide home care to suffering relatives.

The Covid-19 “Vaccine”: “Toxic by Design”

A growing array of experts and practitioners are going on record with damning characterizations of the ongoing public health scam underway since 2020. One of them is Alexandra (Sacha) Latypova. She emerges from three decades of deep involvement in many facets of the US pharmaceutical industry.

With much documentation to support her positions, Latypova describes the mRNA/lipid nanoparticle injections as “toxic by design.”

By design, these concoctions contain “numerous mechanisms of [purposeful] injury”. Those who have expressed by their actions an “intent to harm” are said to be part of a “conspiracy to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations worldwide.”

Latypova analysis covers many bases including the agencies and individuals that have been prominent in pushing the COVID Hoax from the inception.

These culprits include the so-called “philanthropies” of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, their captives in the World Health Organization (WHO) whose director is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as an embodiment of the Rockefeller legacy in the emergence of Big Pharma, Pfizer, Moderna, and Dr. George Gao Fu, head of the China’s CDC (August 2017- July 2022).

Also in this bioterrorism orbit are operatives of the dominant media cartels, intelligence agencies, and military personnel.

Since late 2022 Latypova has been hammering hard on the theme that the role of the National Security Agency and the Department of Defence has been much more central in this whole fiasco than has thus far been widely appreciated. The DOD has been partnered in the field of “biodefense” with the US Department of Health and Human Services, HHS.

Latypova explains the role of the U.S. Armed Forces in the Covidian attacks through the funding activities of two of its military agencies, BARDA and Advanced Technology International.

BARDA and ATI are in the business of acquiring “military countermeasures” (weapons) for the Armed Forces in ways that evade regulations that would otherwise be attached to the development and sales of medical products. Latypova has calculated that BARDA now contributes almost half of the entire annual $100 billion R and D budget of Big Pharma. Latypova observes,

“If one buyer spends 50% of an industry’s R and D budget, it basically controls the entire industry. My conclusion is that in the United States we do not have a private pharmaceutical industry any more. We have a government-controlled pharma industry that is specifically defense-department controlled. One half of the industry gets free money with no regulations. The other half can’t compete.”

A key to understanding Latypova’s interpretation of the relationship between the vaccine makers and the Department of Defence (DOD) involves the role of unusual contracts. These “Other Transaction Authority” contracts are for the purchase of “demonstrations,” “prototypes” and “countermeasures,” categories that fall outside the usual regime of government procurement and medical regulation.

The DOD is dealing with two groups of companies. One is made up of traditional DOD suppliers that have done much of the design and manufacturing work in the production of the injected bioweapons. The other group is made up of the well-known medical brands contracted to provide “demonstrations” that Latypova equates with “performance art.”

Latypova indicates there is no “arm’s length relationship” between the DOD and the publicly-known drug companies.

“Money is showered on the companies to make them shut up, to make them happy and make them fall in line quickly. Here’s $10 billion Pfizer. Just follow the orders. Do what we tell you to do. Use the suppliers that we have prepared for you. Put your name on it. And just ship us doses, lots of doses… The DOD is in charge of the distribution. These products are not put into the traditional pharma distribution chain that is accountable, responsible, traceable and auditable. No, its all black box operations…

The product is owned by the DOD, by the US government throughout the whole supply chain, until the vaccine is administered into someone…This [fiasco] hasn’t been stopped, hasn’t been recalled, hasn’t been investigated. The FDA is doing nothing about it. Its just pretending to regulate and lying to the public about it.  See Sacha Latypova, Video embedded in SenserReceptorNews

See Video at

A big part of the profane procedures currently underway, involve the malicious alteration of the genetic blueprint for the entire human species. The human genome is based on 3.2 billion “base pairs” essential to humanity’s structures of double helix DNA.

By far the largest part of our genetic information as members of the human race is uniform and consistent from person to person. Our DNA structures are the essential enablers of our identity as human beings. Between any two humans, 99.9 % of the base pairs in our genetic constitution are the same.

The entire array of characteristics unique to every person all depends on the distinctiveness of one of every 1,000 base pairs. This feature of our genetic makeup forms the basis for identifying the Human Genome that describes the whole human race… our entire human species.

See this and this.

The genetic alteration through injection of  almost 70% of the world’s people (WHO data, at least one dose, click here), constitutes an unprecedented assault with grave consequences affecting the future of the entire human species. This ongoing invasion of human biology is by far the largest and most reckless experiment ever conducted on human subjects.

The Human Genome of the human race is being irreparably damaged. This diabolical deed stands at the core of a worldwide debacle initiated and approved by civilian and military authority.

Who was giving guidance and direction to this deceptive operation? What is the role of Joe Biden, the current Commander-In-Chief, and those that pull the strings on this obvious puppet?

Who signed off on the decision to initiate the transhuman changes entailed in altering the genomes of billions of people?

How are we to understand the relationship between the big pharmaceutical companies as well as their regulators, with the military apparatus of the US government?

The Big Pharma complex, including their captive regulators, were and are being well rewarded for playing along with the obvious fiction that they were simply following the normal rules for rolling out new medical products.

The Department of Defence’s acquisition of weaponry, including bioweaponry, has so far been treated as if it is exempt from domestic regulation. Moreover, US bioweapons are in practice excluded, albeit illegally, from adherence to the terms of the international treaty known as the Biological Weapons Convention. See this.

There is good cause to see the desecration of the Human Genome as a new form of international crime whose character goes far beyond the UN’s definition of genocide.

The new crime should be given its own name and a clear definition. Guidelines are needed to stipulate rules for investigating, prohibiting and punishing attacks of the genomic structure of the entire human race.

The Science and the Fiction in Science Fiction

The scenario described above could easily be mistaken for the plot of a particularly adventurous episode of science fiction. But how do science and fiction interact in the real-life saga we are presently living through?

The story actually unfolding before our eyes, certainly does involve large doses of fiction. We have been consistently lied to on a monumental scale. These lies figure in the absolutely crucial contentions over what it means to “follow the science.”

Those Covidians that brag most self-righteously about their zeal to “follow the science,” usually do anything but. The weight of many disclosures has exposed them as promoters whose naivety, ignorance, complicity, or all three, are causing the entrenched Covidians to visualize healing remedies where they should by now see the ongoing onslaught of de facto bioweapons.

The main reason for the universal jab crusade, starts with depopulation but then extends to further cycles of malicious manipulations. These manipulations are all to advance a massive power grab mounted by the global financial elites perfecting their own regime of centralized control over virtually everything.

This reach for omnipotence extends to the quest by some “master class” initiates to “play God”.

The lead tyrants seek nothing less than to seize full proprietary control over the planet and over the altered humanoid remnants derived from the diminishing population.

This ongoing onslaught of “satanic destruction” is directed at annihilating the physical and spiritual essence of the human species.

The modern-day sorcery inherent in this operation continues the hysteria-inducing fakery, coercion, that made the “counterfeit pandemic” such a perfect pretext for what might be described as “demonic” experimentation. This experimentation involves both the genetic and biodigital modification of humans.

The task of exposing the dynamics of this diabolical deception continues to run up against the countervailing force generated by the most formidable concentration of wealth and power ever assembled.


One aspect of these operations is sometimes euphemistically described as depopulation.

The agenda of depopulation seems consistent with the deployment of “bioweapons” to cull and enfeeble humans.

To read complete WSJ article click here.

Below see Bill Gates in his TED presentation (February 2010) pertaining to vaccination, confirmed the following;

“And if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [the world population] by 10 or 15 percent”.

According to Gates’ statement, this would represent  an absolute reduction of the World’s population (2010) of the order of 680 million to 1.02 billion.

Click on Video, TED Talk at 04:21:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A “Truth Bomb” Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

The COVID-19 Endgame: Global Governance, “Digital Tyranny” and the Depopulation Agenda

The COVID-19 Endgame: Global Governance, “Digital Tyranny” and the Depopulation Agenda


In spite of the disclosures about the damages being wrought by the dangerous shots, the powerful financial elites are still promoting the supposed vaccine booster shots in the fake fight against COVID.

The Covidians continue this promotion in spite of the accumulating evidence that these jabs can kill, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly in agonizing stages. See this.

This cult of depopulation often operates at a subconscious level. Sometimes it is rooted in self-conceptions of deep and irredeemable guilt. This guilt is sometimes derived from the perception that one’s own existence is intertwined with a system of military-industrial-financial rapaciousness that is killing all possibility for a healthy life on this planet.

While extreme, this form of self-reproach is understandable and sometimes perhaps even justifiable. Such discomfort can be self-generated or it can be instigated and modified by interested parties with something to gain from exploiting psychological vulnerabilities.

These interested third parties were and are often representatives of large industrial consortiums that seek to infiltrate and covertly influence the coalitions of activists seeking to reverse the proliferation of industrial pollution.

Climate Change 

Starting with a campaign in the 1960s to prevent the chemical contamination of toxic DDT, this developing coalition of activists began to widen its goals to include the protection of both human and wildlife habitats. As the technical complexity and political traction of the ecologically-oriented coalition increased, it came to be identified with the open-ended concept of “environmentalism.”

The promise of the environmental movement was undermined and constrained by a covert campaign aimed at narrowing its scope. The prospect of so-called “global warming,” recently rebranded as “climate change,” was dishonestly presented as the most pressing environmental menace facing all life forms including humans.

All complexity was pushed aside as if the fight to remedy climate change offers some kind of magical cure for all that ails us. Nothing could be further from the truth in a world such as ours where humanity faces a multitude of authentic unfolding catastrophes.

For a variety of reasons a massive concentration of wealth and political influence has latched itself onto the climate deception. The lobby to cap upward climate change has become a major political ace for globalists schemers engaged in seeking to subsume sovereign nations within the centralized control of supranational institutions.

The mythology of the climate change movement has become intensely intertwined with the movement that embraced mandatory masking, lockdowns, and injections in the name of vanquishing COVID-19. Both movements claimed that its devotees were committed to supporting high standards in scientific research, a claim that remains unsupported by the overwhelming weight of evidence.

The poverty of the science that supposedly supports the climate change movement was  demonstrated in a compelling British documentary film produced in 2007 entitled The Great Global Warming Swindle

Some of the featured experts put the issue of variable heating from the sun in the context of rising and falling temperatures over long periods of time.

Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle


Complicit in Our Own Demise? “Net Zero” and the Rise of the Death Cult Ethos

The attack on the oil and gas industry in the name of ending climate change and realizing the elusive fantasy of “net zero” is a “criminal enterprise”. There is no viable Plan B when it comes to bringing cheap energy to an end for consumers and eliminating well-paying-oil-and-gas jobs for large numbers of working people who have attained high living standards from this line of employment.

The throttling of the oil and gas industry amounts to pushing average people to accept a drastic fall in prosperity. People are being pressured to take a vow of poverty on the basis of a bogus ideal of achieving nirvana through the attainment of a nonsensical state of net zero.

Wind power and solar power are simply not viable replacements for oil and gas. Moreover, carbon emissions generally and CO2 emissions specifically are by no stretch of the imagination the sinister threats they are made out to be by those trying to harm us.

One of the biggest boons for an improved environment would be to bring an end to the culture of perpetual warfare. The political economy of permanent war is the great bonanza for the private central bankers that operate through agencies like the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

The permanent war economy creates enormous money power that goes disproportionately to the very villains seeking to eliminate humans, undermine our health, destroy our finances, and enslave our humanoid descendants. This agenda is being helped along by the rise of the death cult ethos that has taken control of the minds of a significant portion of the human family.

One hallmark of the “death cult” phenomenon that the interests of power are pushing upon us worldwide, is the easing of laws by more and more governments that are embracing assisted suicides and euthanasia. In many jurisdictions it is being noticed that rises in assisted suicides are leading to a growth in non-assisted suicides. In a society where the ethos of death cults abound, suicide is often seen as a good thing to be encouraged. See this.

Another telltale sign that officialdom is encouraging population reduction and death cult thinking has been aroused by the role being played by many governments, including that of Canada.

In the name of “safe supply” drug addiction especially of opioids and fentanyl is being encouraged.  Predictably, increased death rates are the outcome.

Video on “Safe Supply” and Drug Addiction 

The supposed crime of humanity is to impose on the Earth a very large carbon footprint meant to shrink to net zero.

The business of killing and maiming people through many kinds of warfare, including the amber red possibility of nuclear warfare, is part of a very old process that is now rapidly accelerating.

This process savagely steals energy, resources and human attentiveness from all manner of life-affirming enterprises.

We must find ways of exiting from the “death cult” entrapping us.

We must find our way back to the wondrous spiritual verve meant to emanate from our life-affirming natures.



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