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Using Ancient Techniques to Build Unground Bamboo Homes (Video)

Imagine living in a home that’s not just eco-friendly but also sustainable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. A home that’s built using traditional techniques, passed down through generations and incorporating materials that are abundant, fast-growing, and naturally fire-resistant. This is precisely what an underground bamboo house offers. The concept of living below the surface might seem […]

Neolithic Bamboo House and the Birthplace of Paddy Fields Found

The Chengdu Plain is an alluvial plain located on the western part of the Sichuan basin in southwestern China, which was the site of a recent breakthrough discovery. Six pieces of carbonized bamboo from a mud-bamboo house, along with tens of thousands of pottery pieces and evidence of ancient rice paddies have been found at […]

After His Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer, The Owner Took Him On A Final Epic Road Trip

In May of 2015, a beautiful chocolate lab named Bella was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, aka bone cancer. Her owner, Nebraska-based Robert Kugler, was told that either Bella’s front leg should be amputated or she should be put down right away because she was in pain. The decision to amputate Bella’s leg was made and she was […]

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