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War? 25 Red States Rally ‘Round Texas As Battle Brews With Biden Over Border

A coalition of red states has rallied around Texas, after Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s constitutional right to self-defense due to the migrant crisis, which he deemed an ‘invasion.’ Source

Bubbling Brews and Broomsticks: How Alewives Became the Stereotypical Witch

“Brewing”, “herbs,” “broomsticks,” “woman.” When one hears these words together, most often the assumption is that the person in question is a witch. Yet brewing has a very human meaning as well, one that revolves around the avarice of alcohol and its never-ending demand by consumers. It was from this alcoholic context that the trade […]

Yet Another Coup Brews Within The Trump Administration

President Donald Trump’s White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, and National Security Adviser HR McMaster, attend a news conference at the White House, April 12, 2017. (AP/Andrew Harnik) Following Michael Flynn’s forced resignation as Donald Trump’s national security advisor, it seemed as though neoconservatives had completely infiltrated the Trump administration. Flynn’s replacement is a staunch anti-Russian […]

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