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Queen Katherine Of Aragon – Old And Deformed Wife Of Henry VIII?

In 1519, the French King Francis I quipped that Henry VIII had “an old deformed wife, while he himself is young and handsome”. It is generally assumed that the French King was referring to Katharine’s corpulent figure – several years later one eyewitness described her as “of low stature” and “rather stout”. Yet there is […]

Intentionally Deformed Skulls Dug Up in Odd Neolithic Iranian Cemetery

In excavations in southwestern Iran at the Tol-e Chega Sofla site on the Zohreh plain, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed 13 deformed skulls of humans. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

Bizarrely Deformed Human Skull Found In Iranian Death Mound

Iranian archaeologists in search of ancient “death archaeology” at a prehistoric mound have recently unearthed the bizarrely deformed skull of an ancient human. In ancient archaeology, deformed human skulls are rare and generally reveal incredible insights into life in prehistoric times. Isfahan’s Tepe Ashraf Mound Is Huge In More Ways Than One Ancient burial tombs […]

“Alien” Infant Dies in India – Severely Deformed Baby Born With Massive Bulging Eyes Dies As Desperate Parents Waited For Miracle To Save Him

The infant was born in the early hours of Tuesday. He did not have a properly formed face: he had bulging eyes and holes in place of his nose. The villagers were quick to brand him ‘alien’, apparently comparing the boy with the extraterrestrial creature from the science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and flocked to the family home. The shocked mother had […]

‘Alien’ Toddler Skeleton With Deformed Skull Unearthed In Crimea

The remains were found near the village of Yakovenkovo in the eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula, says the Archaeology Fund, a group that organizes digs across Central Russia, Crimea and Northern Africa. The grave of boy, which dates back to the second century, was a key finding of the recent expedition, according to anthropologists. […]

Deformed calf with human features treated as an incarnated Hindu god

     A deformed calf born with human-like features is reportedly being treated as a representation of the Hindu god Vishnu in a village in northern India. The bull calf was born in the village of Pachenda, Muzaffarnagar, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The bizarre creature has very peculiar features, including an almost human-like mouth, […]

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