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Katherine Maher is Worse Than a Leftist

Katherine Maher, NPR’s new CEO, has been in the spotlight for more than a week now as the straight-out-of-casting avatar of peak woke and peak institutional attainment. But Katherine Maher is not a liberal or a leftist. Though she apes identitarian thought bubbles you won’t find her on a picket line, or splitting any of […]

Queen Katherine Of Aragon – Old And Deformed Wife Of Henry VIII?

In 1519, the French King Francis I quipped that Henry VIII had “an old deformed wife, while he himself is young and handsome”. It is generally assumed that the French King was referring to Katharine’s corpulent figure – several years later one eyewitness described her as “of low stature” and “rather stout”. Yet there is […]

Katherine Watt: Say True Things

8 may 2023 This 13 minute clip is from a webinar that took place in April, 2023. Katherine Watt was a presenter in this webinar that discusses the crucial question, “What is potentially being planned for future pandemics?” Please listen as she carefully explains the nuance of the situation and teases out the complexities of […]

A Glittering Piece of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon’s History Discovered

A historic gold pendant and chain, believed to be associated with Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, has been revealed by the British Museum. The artifact, made of gold and adorned with red and white enamel, was discovered by a metal-detectorist in Warwickshire and reported to the local Finds Liaison Officer of the Portable Antiquities […]

Olympic Surfing Hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, Killed By Lightning At Training Session

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz was killed by lightning near her El Salvador home at a training session for a qualifying contest. The 22-year-old athlete was struck at El Tunco beach about an hour south of San Salvador on Friday, and efforts to revive her failed.  Her uncle Beto Diaz, a surfing coach, was with […]

Katherine Diaz: Olympic surfer hopeful killed by lightning while getting into sea

Katherine Diaz, a 22-year-old surfer, was struck by lightning shortly after she entered the ocean at El Tunco Beach, around 10 miles (16km) south of the capital San Salvador.  Ms Diaz was preparing for the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surf Games which are being held in El Salvador in May and would act as […]

Going Underground – Legendary whistleblower Katherine Gun on UN corruption & Iraq War

Going Underground – Legendary whistleblower Katherine Gun on UN corruption & Iraq War Going Underground with Afshin We speak to legendary whistleblower Katherine Gun about how she exposed UK-US corruption of the UN to excuse Tony Blair’s Iraq War and her being played by Keira Knightley in the upcoming film, “Official Secrets.” LIKE Going […]

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