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Now They’re Picking Up Bluetooth Signals from Cemetery of Dead VAXXED People


Israel court allows rabbi to blow trumpet in Muslim cemetery

An Israeli Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem has ruled that extremist Israeli Jewish Rabbi Yehuda Glick can blow the trumpet at Bab Al-Asbat Cemetery, adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque, Arab48 reported yesterday. This came in response to an appeal filed by Glick against an Israeli police order to deport him from Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Jewish holidays. […]

Intentionally Deformed Skulls Dug Up in Odd Neolithic Iranian Cemetery

In excavations in southwestern Iran at the Tol-e Chega Sofla site on the Zohreh plain, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed 13 deformed skulls of humans. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

Huge, Artifact-rich Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Found on England’s HS2 Line!

Archaeologists who’ve launched exploratory digs along the path of the HS2 high-speed rail project in England have made some fascinating and amazing discoveries. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Construction Project Digs Up 2,000-Year-Old Roman Cemetery in Gaza

A construction crew working at a residential building site in northern Gaza in Palestine unearthed a most unexpected and historically significant find. While digging deep into the bedrock, the construction workers uncovered the remains of a 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery , which had been used during the time when the lands of modern-day Israel and Palestine […]

Unique Bronze Age Clan Cemetery Excavated in Anyang, China

After two years of excavations a 3,000-year-old clan cemetery containing the treasure-laden tombs of early social elites has been uncovered in central China. Located in Anyang, the northernmost city of the Henan province in China, the tomb has been dated to the Shang (Yin) Dynasty, which is the earliest ruling dynasty of China. Having emerged […]

The long battle to save the largest Palestinian cemetery in Haifa

The Muslim cemetery in Balad a-Sheikh reminds us of the days before the 1948 Nakba, when Haifa was a major Palestinian city. Since 1948, the state of Israel and private companies have been trying to destroy the cemetery and convert it to commercial property. The Palestinian community succeeded, so far, to prevent its destruction. Now, […]

Headless Horse Unearthed in an Elite Merovingian Cemetery in Germany

An elite Merovingian cemetery in Germany has yielded a wide range of warrior weapons and luxury jewelry. But what is getting all the attention in the media is the headless horse that was discovered buried next to its warrior owner in one of the graves. The headless horse, which was decapitated, was found alongside an […]

Israel continues demolition of Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem

For the ninth day in a row, Israeli forces are continuing to bulldoze the Yusufiya cemetery near Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem, local media reported yesterday. The head of the Islamic Cemeteries Care Committee, Mustafa Abu Zahra, said in a statement that occupation municipality crews had continued “works of Judaization and vandalism […]

Orange County Finally Does the Right Thing for Veterans Cemetery

Commentary The conversation among Orange County residents about where to place a cemetery for veterans has been a political football for nearly a decade. Utilizing the former El Toro Marine Base has been recommended for most of that time. But the logic of placing it there is based more on sentimentalism than fiscal reality. The […]

Palestinians fight to save Jerusalem cemetery from being destroyed for Israeli park

Israeli forces fired tear gas and sound bombs at Palestinians outside the al-Yusufiyah cemetery in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday, the latest escalation at the site, as Palestinians fight to save the cemetery from being destroyed to make way for an Israeli park.  According to local reports, groups of Palestinians gathered outside the cemetery, located […]

“Grave Robber” Found in Cemetery Declared Victim of Murder

While his killer(s) will never be brought to justice, a new study published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences has cleared the memory a young man who died 1,300 years ago in the northwest autonomous region of Ningxia in China. Experts previously believed he was a grave robber, who accidentally fell into a grave within a […]

Jute Cemetery Find Yields Evidence of 5th Century English Origins

Archaeologists in England are calling their discovery “one of the most important” for decades. The ancient cemetery didn’t only date back to the Neolithic period, but it held the bodies of 40 men, women and children from two periods of English history, including the bodies of the first English speaking people in Britain. English origins […]

Electric car cemetery in France

Electric car cemetery in France. Turns out no one wants to buy an electric car once the battery is shot. So tell me, how is this “environmentally friendly”?

US soldiers place flags at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day

Over 1,000 members of the United States Army place miniature US flags in front of around 260,000 headstones across Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day, as part of a yearly tradition honoring members who died while serving in the military. Source

An empire in love with its Afghan cemetery

MAY 06, 2021 The New Great Game 3.0 is just beginning with a hat tip to Tacitus and dancing to the Hindu Kush groove By Pepe Escobar with permission from the author and first posted at Asia Times One cannot but feel mildly amused at the theatrical spectacle of the US troop pullout from Afghanistan, its […]

Child Cemetery in Thessaloniki Sheds Light on Infant Plague Burials

A recent exploration of burial sites in Thessaloniki, Greece, has revealed that dozens of the burials are of children and infants. These poor young souls were not victims of a bloody war or tyrannous rule, but rather, the tragic Justinian plague of the sixth century. Unusual Findings During Excavations at Thessaloniki Greece’s second largest city […]

Plans to list the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register

Browse > Home / News / Plans to list the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register April 12, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article The Heritage Council of NSW called on submissions to consider listing the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register. Photo of the cottage for caretaker, with […]

Ancient Red Sea Port May Have World’s Oldest Pet Cemetery

Archaeologists unearthed an extensive animal burial ground at the 2,000-year-old port of Berenice on the Red Sea coast of Egypt a decade ago. Now they say that the evidence found in almost 600 animal graves suggests this could be the world’s oldest pet cemetery. The site was first discovered by archaeozoologist Marta Osypinska and her […]

Major Megalithic Cemetery Discovered with Dozens of Tombs

Archaeologists have discovered a large and unique megalithic cemetery in south-central Poland. It has been dated to 5,500 years old, contains dozens of tombs, and researchers say, “a similar establishment is unknown in Poland.” How Did Archaeologists Find the Megalithic Cemetery? Researchers first noticed the site by studying  satellite imagery  of a field. A geophysical survey of […]

First Jewish Open Day for Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery

February 24, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article Sydney’s Rookwood General Cemetery is inviting the Jewish community on-site for an Open Day designed as an opportunity to learn a bit about Rookwood, from their 150+ year history to their operations. Rookwood General Cemetery has held many open days for the Sydney community; however, […]

HALF of the Men Found in Medieval Paupers’ Cemetery Had Broken Bones

Life in Europe during the Middle Ages was difficult and dangerous for the majority of the population. Poverty, disease, and warfare were common, and the poor and working classes bore the brunt of these hardships including more broken bones. In one medieval cemetery, more than half of all the men and 40 percent of the […]

New Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Finds Compared to Sutton Hoo Hoard

An Anglo-Saxon burial ground has been excavated on land destined to become University of Cambridge student accommodation. Archaeologists have called the hoard of grave artifacts one of archaeology’s “most significant finds” since the in 1939 discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure hoard. Excavators working for England’s University of Cambridge were redeveloping the city’s Croft Gardens for new […]

Mysterious Artifacts Found in Ancient Inca Cemetery in Ecuador

The construction of a long-awaited irrigation water tank will have to wait a little longer for farmers living in the central region of Ecuador. When work began they found ancient human remains and when the archaeological team was brought in for a salvage mission, they unearthed more skeletons in the earth. But the skeletal remains […]

Anglo-Saxon Settlement And Cemetery Complex Excavated In England

A vast Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery complex has been discovered in England that is being called a “one of a kind” discovery. Not, however, because the site was found laden with gold and silver, but because the thousands of recovered artifacts speak of the day to day lives of people who have inhabited the region […]

Swastika, SS symbol painted on wall of Jewish cemetery near Auschwitz

Graffiti removed shortly after it is discovered; Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum says incident is ‘painful’

Swastika graffiti painted on wall of Jewish cemetery near Auschwitz

The Nazis murdered three million non-Jews in Poland, in addition to three million Jewish Poles — half of all the Jews they had murdered throughout Europe. Source

Rep. Slotkin Seeks Arlington National Cemetery Burial for Capitol Police Officer

Rep. Slotkin is asking military leaders to allow U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

French cemetery desecrated by swastikas, but not in the Jewish quarter

About sixty Christian graves were desecrated “by swastikas” in the municipal cemetery of the French city of Fontainebleau, about 60 km south-east from Paris. The incident took place on the night from Sunday to Monday, but nothing was reported in the Jewish cemetery located next to the city’s main Christian one, according to the Fontainebleau prosecutor’s […]

Graffiti reading ‘murdering Jews we will hang you’ painted at Spanish Jewish cemetery

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