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The Palestinian Authority’s role has become to delegitimize Palestinian resistance

The PA has allowed itself to become a tool for delegitimizing armed Palestinian resistance, surpassing the bounds of security coordination with Israel. It is now a direct collaborator amid the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza. Source

Putin the Poisoner? More Doubts Over Attempts to Delegitimize Russia’s Leader

September 23, 2021 By Philip Giraldi Source Attempts to delegitimize President Putin by making him an international poisoner is tragedy elevated by its absurdity to the level of farce. It seems that ever since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election of 2016 the western media and numerous politicians have been […]

Al Jazeera slanders Kucinich in an effort to delegitimize his opposition to the unauthorized war in Libya

Madison RuppertActivist Post Friday, September 2, 2011 The prolific propaganda house out of Qatar known as al Jazeera is at it again, this time claiming that an internal Libyan document offers proof of how Dennis Kucinich was attempting to build up a defense for Gaddafi’s second son, Saif al-Islam. Their coverage of this also emphasizes that Kucinich […]

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