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Meddling in Syria’s Civil War Worked out So Well, the US Has Decided to Try Libya’s

By Claire Bernish of AntiMedia Libya — In a bit of a surprising move, Secretary of State John Kerry announced Monday the U.S. would be seeking to help arm Libya’s internationally-recognized government to assist in the fight against Daesh (ISIS, the self-described Islamic State) and other extremist groups in the region. The international community will support the [Libyan] […]

Kurds: Why US is concerned about yielding its key ally to Russia

     The US is concerned that Russia’s rising authority with the Kurdish units in Syria and Iraq could “upstage a long-standing US alliance with the stateless ethnic group and increase Moscow’s influence in the region”, in addition, it will give Moscow a “permanent lever in Syrian domestic politics and a lever against Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” […]

Western aggression: US Navy planning permanent deployment in Mediterranean

     US Navy weighs permanent deployment in the Mediterranean to respond to Russia’s increased naval capabilities, a senior Navy official said. As part of global rivalry, not countering Moscow at sea entails the “risk of falling behind,” another Navy chief warned. The US Navy is considering “long-term” deployments in the Mediterranean in addition to the […]

Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for ‘ecocide’ against humanity and the planet

(NaturalNews) An international tribunal made up of some of the world’s leading environmental and human rights groups, is set to hold the world’s most evil corporation, Monsanto, accountable for its crimes against nature and humanity. Dubbed “The Monsanto Tribunal,” a cohort of scientists, environmentalists and professionals from all across the globe will put […]

Influential Millionaire Mysteriously “Commits Suicide” the Day After Dedicating His Life to Fighting Police

John Vibes |The Free Thought Project San Francisco, CA – 47-year-old software engineer, Ian Murdock recently died under suspicious circumstances after he went public about a police encounter that left him hospitalized. On Saturday, December 26, Murdock was unlucky enough to be walking down a street where the police […]

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