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Massive Mosaic Depicting the 12 Labors of Heracles Unearthed in Turkey

Excavations being carried out in the ancient city of Syedra, traced back to 2,900 years ago, continue to shed light on the vibrant history of Turkey.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Myths & Legends Europe Read Later  Source

The Aid Industry Labors Under Neocolonial Structures

The aid industry might be having its #MeToo moment, but sexual exploitation is just a symptom of a more fundamental issue: the neo-colonial structures through which most aid is delivered in disaster and conflict areas. If this is not addressed, no amount of independent investigating committees and hotlines will solve the problem. I have been an […]

Israel Approves Plan to ‘Legalize’ Colonial Outposts and Construct Thousands More Units

Saed Bannoura (IMEMC) : In yet another decision that violates International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Higher Construction and Planning Committee of the Israeli ‘Civil Administration Office’ has approved a construction plan to ‘legalize’ two colonial outposts in Ramallah, in addition to building 2200 more units. The Israeli plan includes the approval of a […]

Labor’s future could depend on how it selects its leader

Prime Minister Julia Gillard hanging tough during question time at Parliament House. Photo: Andrew Meares If Julia Gillard’s leadership is terminal, should she go quietly or put up a fight? THEY say a good transition is a smooth transition. At least, that’s the theory. So the beleaguered leader is visited by a trusted party elder. […]

Labor’s Left launches reform bid

Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces pressue from Labor’s left. Photo: Sylvia Liber LABOR’S Left, which has raised its voice strongly in caucus in opposition to Julia Gillard’s Malaysia people swap, is putting more pressure on the PM with a public campaign for sweeping party reform. With a new website that went live at midnight, the […]

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