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Sandy Hook Shoah: It Is Now Illegal to Question Why Robbie Parker Laughed After His Child Was Shot

With Alex Jones being forced to pay $1 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families, this sets a dangerous precedent for telling the truth in America. Is it now illegal to call out any of the various PsyOps being launched against us to take away our rights? When will we be forced to pay damages […]

The Gerbil Who Laughed at You

The Gerbil Who Laughed at You September 26, 2022 Decker    It’s always good to be laughed at, that is, when one is intentionally trying for a laugh, a guffaw or a snort of some sort, but when it’s a gerbil or lawn jockey laughing at you, it gives one an entirely different feeling, kind […]

Labour officials laughed at death of member accused of anti-Semitism

Originally published at The Electronic Intifada. Former staffer Halima Khan saw things inside Labour she says were “horrendous.” (Al Jazeera) Labour officials laughed after learning that a member expelled for alleged anti-Semitism had died. The callous incident is revealed in Saturday’s episode of The Labour Files, the second of a new three-part series by Al […]

When Senator Leahy laughed with Raul Castro

On Monday, we sat down for a couple of hours with the senator in his president pro tempore office — the position makes him third in line of presidential succession — and downloaded the best of his war stories from 48 years in the Senate. This is a must-listen for political junkies and history buffs. […]

Prince Andrew Watched and ‘Laughed’ as Teen Forced To Strip on Pedo Island, Victim Claims

Prince Andrew “watched and laughed” while a teen was forced to strip by pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, according to new allegations. The teenage victim claims that the Duke of York was visibly excited as she was forced to take off her clothes and be photographed topless during a visit to Epstein’s notorious ‘pedophile island.’ Epstein’s […]

First the critics laughed, then he was dangerous, now Jeremy Corbyn is ‘favorite for PM’

     Jeremy Corbyn has a spring in his step at this year’s Labour Party Conference. He’s gone from fighting for his political survival to preparing to walk into Downing Street. At least that’s what his former critics are saying. In six months the Labour leader has gone from being outrageous outsider to prime minister-in-waiting. Corbyn […]

Jury Convicts Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions During Senate Hearing

In a previous court filing, prosecutors said Fairooz “let out aloud [sic] burst of laughter, followed by a second burst of laughter” in response to Shelby’s comments. They said she grew “loud and more disruptive” when officers “attempted to quietly escort” her from the room. Fairooz, the government alleged, “created a scene after scoffing at Senator […]

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