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Joy Behar: Trump’s Followers Are ‘Like Lemmings Going Over a Cliff’

Joy Behar, co-host on ABC’s ‘The View’ said on Wednesday that President Trump’s supporters continue to follow him “like lemmings going over a cliff.” Behar’s comments were in response to Trump saying that the coronavirus would “disappear” with or without a vaccine because Americans would develop a “herd mentality” during an ABC News town hall […]

Soon People Will Line Up Like Lemmings To Get Their Brains Hacked

June 13, 2017 By Truthstream Media The ability to hack the human brain like a computer might seem far-fetched to some, but it’s something we have covered extensively here at Activist Post. The possibility has even prompted a Nevada senator to seek legal restrictions on microchip implants. The fact is that neuroscientists […]


JUNE 19, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah I’m not going to say I don’t have the intention of pissing on everybody’s parade because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so let me just get on with it. Slain British MP Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. Okay? She’s not. She’s not a “martyr in […]

$40 billion aid to israel is ‘largest ever’ to any country, says Susan Rice

$40 billion aid to Israel is ‘largest ever’ to any country, says Susan Rice ed note–keep in mind a few things– All of this–the pillaging of the American taxpayers of $40 BILLION, that’s BILLION with a ‘B’, is taking place within an administration which both right-wing Jewish groups and their less-clever counterparts in certain ‘White Nationalist’ […]

Ridiculous: Sweden Declares LOBSTERS Invasive

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN) When I first read this story about Sweden complaining to the European Union that American lobsters are an INVASIVE SPECIES, it immediately struck me as completely ridiculous considering all the non-White Turd Worlders the traitor government is letting into the country and getting pretty much nothing in return but rioting, welfare dependency and crime. Are we […]

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