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6 Things Both Partners Should Be Able To Do If Their Relationship Is A Healthy One

Romantic relationships mean different things to different people. On the one hand, they can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling endeavours we ever undertake, while on the other hand, they can leave you feeling completely depleted and heart broken. There are some things that are important to remember if you’re looking to have […]

MIT Artificial Intelligence Can Predict 85% of Cyber-Attacks

AI2 A new artificial intelligence (AI) system being developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is being trained by researchers to aid humans in identifying potential cyber-attacks. Typically, when trying to pinpoint possible attacks, analysts are required to sift through massive amounts of data to find abnormalities and discrepancies—a method […]

The Oldest Human Genome Has Been Sequenced & It Could Rewrite Our History

Scientists have discovered remains of the oldest human DNA sequence ever recorded, taken from a cave in Northern Spain known as Sima De Los Huesos, or the pit of bones. This discovery is helping to reconstruct the evolutionary sequence of human species. The teeth and thigh bones remnants had been fossilized rather than frozen, making DNA extraction […]

Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism

Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism by Stephen Lendman The late Syrian expert Patrick Seale once said Assad’s popularity stems from his “standing up to Israel and its American backer, and for” providing security and stability in a troubled region. Obama’s war changed things. […]

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