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Julian Rose – Transhuman is Inhuman

Here are some of the stations along the Great Reset route to the “Transhuman.” “The only way to recognise just how diabolical the trap that has been set for us – and that we have set for ourselves – is to get a grip on our sense of deeper purpose in this life. To make […]

The Waiting-For-Pandemic Transhuman Cult of Biodefense

The Transhuman quest for genetic modification in order to change the human condition will end in total disaster. “Hacking the human body” is a myth perpetuated by academics like Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab with his Fourth Industrial Revolution narrative. Globally, however, biodefense spending is in the trillions and shows no signs of restraint. […]

Executive Order: Biden Unleashes Transhuman, Genetic Modification Firestorm On America

Transhumanists and Technocrats in Big Pharma have cracked the U.S. government wide open to flood the bioeconomy with taxpayer money and labor to push the frontier of genetic modification of all living things and especially humans. This will ultimately spark the biggest public backlash in modern history. Biden pledges not only funding but an all-of-government […]

From Man to Human to Transhuman — Rebel Now

From Man to Human to Transhuman — Rebel Now Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer ( By Anna Von Reitz Your blood is being polluted. Literally. This is ancient advanced warfare being brought forward into the modern day. If you want to know more about it, read Isaiah and the Vedic Manuscripts that record the events […]

Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman? (You Need to Read This)

National Addiction News STORY AT-A-GLANCE The goal of the transhumanist movement, or “Human 2.0,” is to transcend biology into technology, to meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence Right now, today, we may be standing at the literal crossroads of transhumanism, thanks to the fast approaching release of one or more mRNA COVID-19 vaccines […]

Transhuman Dreams: AI ‘To Bring People Back To Life’

Most Transhuman “research” is done in academic institutions funded by taxpayer money and foundation grants. The goal is: Immortality. As Technocracy seeks to transform society, Transhumanism seeks to transform man. Tech boss Eugenia Kuyda says The Simpson have got it right again and that “really creepy” AI will soon use selfies to create 3D digital […]

Transhuman Elon Musk: Your Brain Will Get Its Own USB-C Port

Authored by Claudia Glover on Your brain, with a USB-C port in it. That’s Elon Musk’s vision for Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI). In a controversial July 2019 white paper he claimed that his company Neuralink had taken a huge step towards building a “scalable high-bandwidth BMI system” that would let the human brain “stream full broadband electrophysiology data” […]

Elon Musk Claims Transhuman Neuralink “Next Stage of Human Evolution”

  Wait But Why published the 36,400-word deep dive into Neuralink using stick figure illustrations to explain in simple terms what Musk has in mind for, well, our minds. The blog post comes one month after Musk announced Neuralink, his latest plan to merge the human brain with AI using brain […]

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