With Bucha Provocation the US Tries to Hush Up the Revelations of its Bioweapons Development

In recent days, a wave of false accusations against Russia emegerged in the West, alleging that its military committed war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine, during its special operation to denazify Ukraine. This is despite the fact that, in addition to official statements by the Russian authorities about the fake nature of these allegations, a senior Pentagon official has already stated that the US has no independent confirmation of the information spread by Kiev about civilian casualties in this Ukrainian town. Moreover, a former UN inspector for monitoring of the elimination of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction Scott Ritter explicitly pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities are known for loud propaganda statements and should present medical evidence before making any allegations about the events in Bucha.

Nevertheless, it is not only the White House-controlled media in the US and Western Europe that are actively involved in this smear campaign promoted by Washington. For example, US President Biden suddenly woke up and once again allowed himself insulting remarks and unsubstantiated accusations towards the Russian leader, and on April 4 also began “commenting” on the situation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.

To “amplify” this campaign, the White House urgently called in its “loyal squires”, not only from Poland and the Baltic States, but also from London, Paris and Berlin.

As a result, he was fairly quickly joined by Emmanuel Macron, who is suffering more losses every day in his failing popularity in France on the eve of the imminent presidential election. This is especially true against the background of increasing separatist sentiment in Corsica, galloping poverty and inflation – the highest since 1985, according to French media estimates – the result of Macron’s disregard for his country’s interests and his outspoken allegiance to Washington in his anti-Russian sanctions policy, to the detriment of France. However, Macron’s decision to join in supporting this provocation by Washington is unlikely to help him win the upcoming presidential election, as there is always a price to pay for supporting fakes…

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who, unlike his predecessor Angela Merkel, also actively seeks support for his vassal allegiance to Washington for his European “rule”, has also joined this provocative campaign around Bucha. He forgot that Germany’s entire current economy is sustained by Russia’s energy resources, and the latter may eventually tire of such multiple overtly hostile moves by official Berlin. And in response, Moscow is capable of shutting off the “energy tap” for Scholz, so that it is no longer Washington but Germany’s own people who decide his future fate, in retaliation for the impoverishment of Germans in recent weeks due to his anti-Russian sanctions policy.

But the undisputed leader in supporting this provocation in Bucha was London. And not just in the personal insinuations and appeals of Boris Johnson and a number of other British politicians, whose anti-Russian sanctions have, according to The Guardian, left low-income Britons with a dilemma – heating or food. But also by leading the unfolding of Kiev’s provocative propaganda on Bucha, and guiding the perpetrators of this anti-Russia campaign. It was for a reason that on March 24, on the eve of the “provocation in Bucha”, the British government announced its intention to allocate an additional £4 million to strengthen its information warfare against Russia.

It comes as no surprise therefore that, in response to Russia’s demand for a UN Security Council meeting to discuss the “events in Bucha” objectively, it was unprecedented in Security Council practice for the British representative to reject such a proposal. With this move, the British representative to the UNSC not only compromised the country’s role as current UNSC president, but also clearly confirmed London’s own complicity in the provocation and its reluctance to discuss “the events in Bucha” in this regard for fear of further revelations and Britain itself being exposed.

But against all this background of the Bucha provocation promoted by the US and its allies, the clear coincidence of its timing with the demonstrative and unprecedented reduction of the number of Russian embassies in Europe by the said “allies” is noteworthy. Meanwhile, there is a clear desire on the part of the West to shift the focus of global attention not only to condemning Moscow’s actions today, but also to limit the activity of Russian diplomatic missions in Europe to counteract the anti-Russian information warfare.

However, the inevitable question arises: what, after all, caused such a hasty and clearly failed fake propaganda “operation in Bucha” with the urgent involvement of all forces and means, by Washington?

The answer is simple. This is, of course, primarily a desire to urgently reduce the heat of the already mounting international censure of the US for developing and preparing to use bioweapons through its large network of secret US biolabs in Ukraine and in a number of other countries along the borders of Russia and China. For it was precisely to prevent Washington from unleashing a biological war that was behind Moscow’s current special operation in Ukraine. Moreover, it was Moscow who provided the international community with documented evidence that Britain and the US were involved in the joint development of bioweapons. So was Germany, which was implementing its own biowarfare program in Ukraine, as Russia’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, said. Gatilov further pointed out that the project was financed by the German Foreign Ministry and the Bundeswehr.

It is therefore not surprising that Britain and Germany are so zealous in promoting Washington’s Bucha provocation, as they fear further revelations because of their involvement in the development of bioweapons in Ukraine.

Such urgent hyping up by the White House of this provocative propaganda around Bucha was clearly due to the fact that Moscow had also uncovered the Biden family’s involvement in funding secret US biolabs and US bioweapons. This clearly threatened not only the impeachment of US President Biden, but also international sanctions against the US itself for failing to comply with UN conventions on the use and development of WMDs, up to and including the removal of the US from the UN Security Council.

Vladimir Platov, expert on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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