25 Signs That A Horrific Global Water Crisis Is Coming

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Every single day, we are getting closer to a horrific global water crisis.  This world was blessed with an awesome amount of fresh water, but because of our foolishness it is rapidly disappearing.  Rivers, lakes and major underground aquifers all over the globe are drying up, and many of the fresh water sources that we still have available are so incredibly polluted that we simply cannot use them anymore.  Without fresh water, we simply cannot function. 

Just imagine what would happen if the water got cut off in your house and you were not able to go out and buy any.  Just think about it.  How long would you be able to last?  Well, as sources of fresh water all over the globe dry up, we are seeing drought conditions spread.  We are starting to see massive “dust storms” in areas where we have never seem them before. 

Every single year, most of the major deserts around the world are getting bigger and the amount of usable agricultural land in most areas is becoming smaller.  Whether you are aware of this or not, the truth is that we are rapidly approaching a breaking point.

If dramatic changes are not made soon, in the years ahead water shortages are going to force large groups of people to move to new areas.  As the global water crisis intensifies, there will be political conflicts and potentially even wars over water.  We like to think of ourselves as being so “advanced”, but the reality is that we have not figured out how to live without water.  When the water dries up in an area, most of the people are going to have to leave.

And yes, it will even happen in the United States too.  For example, once Lake Mead dries up there is simply no way that so many people are going to be able to live in and around Las Vegas.

Right now, most of us take for granted that we will always have access to an unlimited amount of clean water.

But when you take a hard look at the data, it quickly becomes clear that everything that we have always taken for granted about water is about to dramatically change.

That following are 25 signs that a horrific global water crisis is coming.  The first 12 facts are about the United States, and the last 13 are about the rest of the world….

#1 Today, the United States uses approximately 148 trillion gallons of fresh water a year.

#2 According to the U.S. government, 36 U.S. states are already facing water shortages or will be facing water shortages within the next few years.

#3 Since 1998, the level of water in Lake Mead has plunged by more than 50 percent.  Lake Mead supplies about 85 percent of the water used in Las Vegas, and at this point the lake has 5.6 trillion gallons less water than it used to have.  Lake Mead is falling so fast that some believe that the Hoover dam could actually stop producing electricity in a few years.  Needless to say, that would be a total disaster for that entire region of the country.  In addition, if things continue at the current pace, it is being estimated that Lake Mead will run completely dry some time around the year 2021.

#4 According to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years.

#5 The Ogallala Aquifer, which is a massive underground lake that stretches from South Dakota all the way to Texas, is rapidly drying up.  The Ogallala Aquifer is believed to be the largest body of fresh water in the world, and right now it is being drained at a rate of approximately 800 gallons per minute.  Right now it covers approximately 174,000 square miles, and since the 1950s we have drained enough water from it “to half-fill Lake Erie“.  Once upon a time, the Ogallala Aquifer had an average depth of about 240 feet, but today the average depth is just 80 feet.  If something is not done, we will definitely see a return of the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s.  We need to start listening to the experts.  Just consider what David Brauer of the Ogallala Research Service had to say when asked about the future of the Ogallala Aquifer….

“Our goal now is to engineer a soft landing. That’s all we can do.”

#6 A federal judge has ruled that the state of Georgia has very few legal rights to Lake Lanier.  Lake Lanier is the main water source for the city of Atlanta.  Millions more people are expected to move into the Atlanta area in the coming years, and this is creating an absolute nightmare for city officials.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

#7 It is estimated that California only has a 20 year supply of fresh water left.

#8 It is estimated that New Mexico only has a 10 year supply of fresh water left.

#9 Things have gotten so dry in Arizona that now giant “dust storms” have been blowing through the city of Phoenix.

#10 Texas is has experienced one of the driest stretches that it has ever seen.  Right now, approximately 81 percent of the state of Texas is experiencing “exceptional drought” conditions, and wildfires have burned an astounding 3.6 million acres in the state.

#11 Approximately 40 percent of all U.S. rivers  and approximately 46 percent of all U.S. lakes have become so polluted that they are are now considered to be too dangerous to fish in, swim in or get drinking water from.

#12 Eight states in the Great Lakes region have signed a pact banning the export of water to outsiders – even to other U.S. states.

#13 It is being projected that by the year 2030, global demand for water will be 40 percent higher than it is today.

#14 Worldwide demand for fresh water tripled during the last century, and is now doubling every 21 years.

#15 According to USAID, one-third of the population of the earth will be facing severe or chronic water shortages by the year 2025.

#16 Of the 60 million people added to the world’s cities every year, the vast majority of them live in impoverished areas that have no sanitation facilities whatsoever.

#17 It is estimated that 75 percent of the surface water in India is now contaminated by human and agricultural waste.

#18 If you can believe it, according to a UN study on sanitation, far more people in India have access to a cell phone than to a toilet.

#19 In the developing world, 90 percent of all wastewater is discharged completely untreated into local rivers, streams or lakes.

#20 Every 8 seconds, somewhere in the world a child dies from drinking dirty water.

#21 Due to a lack of water, Saudi Arabia has given up on trying to grow wheat and will be 100 percent dependent on wheat imports by the year 2016.

#22 In northern China, the water table is dropping one meter every single year because of drought and overpumping.

#23 Incredibly, a new desert the size of Rhode Island is created in China every single year because of drought and overpumping.

#24 In China, 80 percent of all major rivers have become so horribly polluted that they do not support any aquatic life at all at this point.

#25 Collectively, the women of South Africa walk the equivalent of the distance to the moon and back 16 times a day just to get water.

To learn more about the coming global water crisis, check out the short video posted below….

Right now, more than a billion people around the globe do not have access to safe drinking water.

That number is going to keep increasing.

Without enough fresh water, people cannot grow enough food.  Global food prices are already starting to skyrocket, and the coming global water crisis certainly is not going to help matters.

A massive, massive disaster is on the horizon.  The era of gigantic amounts of cheap food and “unlimited” amounts of clean water is over.

A horrific global water crisis is coming.

You better get ready.

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95 Responses to “25 Signs That A Horrific Global Water Crisis Is Coming”

  1. Just pay Al Gore I am sure he has the remedy.

  2. Laying a pipeline across the Ogallala Aquifer probably won’t help the situation?

  3. There is lots of stuff going on, keep yourself updated

    Go to: Dailyjobcuts.com

  4. The fact that there is so much conflicting data out there, reinforcing both sides points, lets you know that, like Global Warming, there is a massive power grab going on. He who controls humans’ access to clean water can control who gets it and who doesn’t (happening now), and they can also manufacture a crisis anytime they want.
    I have been around people who have power all my life (small power), and they mostly all have the same attitude, they are arrogant and self-serving, lack humor and creativity, are mean and cruel in their actions and ideologies. Imagine those at the top of any given industry! The sickness has been handed down, through mass marketing and the attack on our conceptions of what constitutes strength and character by putting forward the “anti-hero” image, among many other false images, as what we should collectively look up to and admire….With literally hardly ANYONE doing any real good being put visible (what we get is *$#ing Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and are supposed to get all misty….makes me puke), we get no heros, only a few are lucky enough to be born around some folks who have strength of character.
    Todays mainstream Christians are not much better, judging others to Hell who don’t share their lifestyles, partying hearty, listening to their freakin’ Jars of Clay or Amy Grant, and standing in their exclusionary prayer circles at school, acting like they give a rats ass…
    One read of the book of Matthew will show these compromisers how far they are away from acting the pure way that any professed believer should act.
    The controllers will continue to….control. 10000 years of history is not going to be undone by “revolution”…remember, even the French Revolution was engineered by the FreeMasons/Illuminati to get rid of the monarchic rulership that stood in their way…it was NOT a revolution of the people. Any rebellion that takes place is engineered by the global psy-op controllers.
    True rebellion= IGNORE their bullshit! Farmers markets, mom and pop stores, grow your own, learn trades and mechanics, barter with your neighbors (goods for goods, services, any combo),and helping real people in your community. It feels perfectly right (for believers, its how God commands us to live), and is the opposite of self-serving…which is the opposite of the globalists. The way to most piss off someone who is trying to offend you is to ignore that someone like they don’t exist, and go your own way….continuing to help others and learn and be creative and have joy in your marriages and families, something they DON’T want you to have.
    No more for this weekend- got much to do..hi Sarah, Randy, and all the regulars and even a big “hi” to my detractors, Rabid Robert, Fleshbug, Blindfaith Guides the Mindless, etc.

    • Btw, Rabid Robert– what the heck?? How am I Toad the Turdcutter to you?? What was it that got us off on the wrong foot?? Don’t we both believe in the truth of Scripture?? I honestly don’t remember what I said to set you off!!
      Was it because I said I don’t believe in whipping out scripture references to anyone and everyone?? Jesus never did that, only to the scribes and Pharisees to prove their own actions wrong. And, throughout the Dark Ages NO ONE had access to scriptures at ALL, it was all interpreted from the Latin Vulgate by the Catholics.
      But since we’re in a “use scripture for every argument” kind of frame of mind, heres a couple for YOU to read before you judge others and call ‘em names…
      Matthew 5:22,23,24
      Matthew 7:1-5
      Peace and Love!!! Jesus Christ came in the flesh!

  5. George Bush Sr. and Jr. bought 100,000 acres of land over the largest aquifer in Paraguay. Wouldn’t it be the shits if someday a barrel of water cost more than a barrel of oil? Seems to me years ago there was a faked oil shortage. Who’s to say this in not fake as well. Better yet who in the hell do you trust and believe anymore in this screwed up world? I think those two Bushes have already proven they can’t be trusted.

  6. There certainly are water problems, usually exacerbated by elites not wanting to alter their mass profit taking schemes. But to a large extent this ‘crisis’ is propaganda that the UN and it’s dictators are DROOLING over. If they could only manufacture a few temporary crises, imagine the enslavement mechanism for charging people massive perpetual water charges!

    They’ve been planning this a long time, Infowars could do better to report on the CFR’s and RIIA’s websites that have been dreaming all this up for more than a decade. Water like wood is recyclable, and Nature does most of the work.

  7. Pure fear mongering right here!!! I agree with you Alex on many points but not this one. The “water shortage crisis” is pure BS, did u forget 80% of the earth is full of water and it IS possible to convert that water into fresh water, right? Trust me, when push comes to shove these elitists will be forced to sell us purified water, not because they care about u but because they need the physiological attachment of receiving paper bills from us to quench their money hungry thirst. That’s how we will destroy them, by starving some of them to the point of them fighting amonst themselves for our paper money.

    • Your paper bills won’t be worth the paper its printed on. The American people sold their bowl of lentil stew, when Adolph Hitler Nixon set up the Federal Reserve and plundered your silver and gold certificates that was Constitutional. If people were paid in gold and silver you wouldn’t be pushing your BS today. Now today people like you are blaming those that were plundered. America today is in deep shit because of the Nazis in POWER RUINING OUR COUNTRY. Every one behind these NAZIS, go suck the Patriots of the Patriot Act.

  8. Just watched a video on youtube:
    Myth: The world is running out of oil (peak oil).
    Says it is only cheap oil we are running out of. Solution, make it expensive, you just couldn’t make this stuff up.
    Sounds like it takes a lot of water to process it though and apparently we’re running out of that now too, though I just read this on Nasa’s site:

    “The Water Planet

    Viewed from space, the most striking feature of our planet is the water. In both liquid and frozen form, it covers 75% of the Earth’s surface. It fills the sky with clouds. Water is practically everywhere on Earth, from inside the planet’s rocky crust to inside the cells of the human body.”

    But we are running out.

    We are also on the precipice of being plunged in to an ice age due to global warming, though the planet isn’t really warming, and a new one is we are going to be plunged into the dark ages by solar flares.
    I eagerly await the next announcement that we are running out of air.

    I find it difficult to believe all of this and as a consequence I find myself with no choice but not to believe any of it and instead think we are being manipulated into allowing a higher power to control everything.

    Having said that you can’t deny there are a lot of things that do need sorting out, but there must be a better way to deal with it than what appears to be happening.

    • not religious higher power, global mafia higher power.

    • Yeah, have you ever seen how the “crack” the natural gas wells. They dump, admittedly lakes of fresh water down the wells to crack open the rock for the gas to be let out. Very smart, but very wasteful. Guess they really can’t afford to pum the water back out. It’s done in the middle of nowhere, so no one really sees any impact on the land in your face. Just like the logging companies would leave a row of trees along the hwy so as to cover the “raping” sorry clearcutting of the land.

      • Fracking? Everywhere they’ve done that in the UK we’ve had an earthquake, small ones. Not smart along the New Madrid fault.

  9. This all sounds like some massive ‘Climate Change’ to me. IF all of this information is correct, it looks like all you ‘Gold Buyers’ need to start investing in technology company’s that are working on a way to turn salt-water into drinking water.

    For the bible believers, this information will back you up, as it sounds as though 1/3 of all water creatures could actually die as stated in the Book of Revelations. Also, should it get even close to being as bad as this article states, then OF COURSE people will give up ALL their FREEDOM’S so they can have water to survive and if this crap happens, we could see 90% of the population move to large cities were water would be accessible and it would be much easier for the government to keep track of you and much easier for your neighbors to report on you for doing ‘bad things’.

    • The model for the end of the world should be this. Sun burns out today, story at 5:00, Do you know which galaxy your children are in?

  10. What the hell is up with all the bad news, shortage of water??? What the hell, we’ve been getting non-stop rain and tons of flooding. I call bs on this one.

    • As I watch the contractors finished tiling the farmers field behind us.We had so much rain and run off last spring there were lakes back there and on the property.I watered the garden maybe 5 times this summer. Location location location

    • You guys need to think a little more, this information isn’t about looking at any given year or season, the FACT’S SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES HERE IN THE ARTICLE, the water reserve levels are going down, having one ‘good year’ of rain isn’t going to put a dent into these problems.

      • Lets just say this been in survival mode for long while now. Before, before I was awaken from the matrix of control, I was already collecting seeds, planing water storage, educating myself on solar as to build my own, looking at alternative means of long distance travel, shelter planning, medical survival knowledge etc etc etc. it’s called the discovery channel, tv worth while. I would never realiy on my government for my long term survival or retirement. Most of us come into the world through institutions, I don’t plan on dieing in one. My plan has always been in getting back to living off the land within my means and having a good life. Kinda hard to do when these jerks keep warring everywhere and people can’t even think peaceful. It’s hard not to think bout starving kids as I live. I don’t ever eat in access. I actually hate to eat, it’s only cause I have to, meaning no choice in the matter which I dislike as a principal.

  11. I don’t wanna be an ass, but the babyboomers actually lived quite good times, comparing the shit our generation is in now. It’s seems that we have to clean up the mess, on top of this we have the globalist.

    • Every generation seems to have to “clean up” the previos ones mess. With that as a given, I believe in education and being an adult. As an adult I have access to information, the tools needed for “clean up” It is an adults duty to do their part, find solutions and not just turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn’t exist. If you work for someone who does bad things to all of us, that is not helping. People put money above others, this is not me. I starve first, I don’t resort to crime, I get thinking and get smarter, even though I’m starving. Never said this system is perfect of by no means for everyone. We can blame, bitch, and stick our heads in the sand when it gets overwhelming. A work trick I learned was when a pile of duties are thrown upon you from multiply sources, make a list and start at the top. Get busy

      • @cburke4now Can you PLEASE name any given generation that actually DID ‘clean up’ the previous ones mess?

        The ‘adults’ you speak of, seem as though their only answer is to give up their freedoms that the previous generations fought to have, and then the new ‘adults’ in charge, give those very freedoms up, for NOTHING in return.

        • Yeah my grandfather’s generation had to clean up the mess of ww2 and the horrible things it left in peoples brains. They went to work and built these successful corporations up so they could stick it in their grand kids asses.

        • cburke4now, I hear you. It was the your grandfather who designed the first toilet seat for outhouses, a dumb ed down college student seen it, tried it out, and said he could make millions, so he graduated opened up the store and sold millions. One day your grandfather looked at his design and asked the college student, Son, how did you make soooooo much money with my toilet seat, and the college student said”Oh I just improved it a little” Your grandfather said “how’s that?” The college student said “I just cut a hole in it and sold them to all the Hillbillies and dumb ed down Americans. Your grandfather said: Yep, it really works! Only Americans haven’t improved and don’t work.

  12. Its called desalination. We can have all the damn water we need. We just need the gd tree huggers out of the way. Hanging would be my preferred method, but I digress.

    • It takes massive power to do that! So its to say water could be available by desalination but how much money will that cost? Billions of gallons a day, pipe lines for distribution, Fossil fuels . The cost would be more that you could afford! What about whis water for food? Food will be more than you can afford! We can’t even supply are fuel needs now!

      Water will be the new oil!

  13. I just ctrl + f the word “perma” of permaculture on this page, no hits, why is that? It contains solutions to turn the deserts to fertile woodlands which provide food for people and animals alike, and solutions to end the water crisis before it really begins. Poor man’s solutions where you don’t need so much machines or money as long as you got the land, basic tools and basic know-how.

    This would be no problem if we people as large would choose to produce our foods with more sustainable ways. Permaculture does require more food producers per food produced than the conventional farming. And it is the conventional farming that causes droughts, for people all too often cut trees to make room for their fields. That’s one grave mistake. Another is not storing rainwater sensibly, especially in areas where it’s the most needed.

    • Sounds sensible, another solution is to bankrupt all the economies, buy the water plants then tax it, see my post below.

      • ..which apparently is awaiting moderation as per usual.

  14. “The conspiracy theorist defends the conspiracy theory tenaciously to the point of refusing to consider alternative explanations for the events in question, rejecting all disconfirming evidence for his theory and blatantly seeking only confirmatory evidence to support what he has already determined to be the truth.”

    Matt Ridley wrote that. He also wrote a book called “The Rational Optimist.”

    He was chairman of this bank called Northern Rock Bank, which got bailed out for several billion dollars at taxpayer expense.

    Too bad he’s wrong about his 9/11 examples. These gladhanding apologists refuse to talk about the stand down, building 7, the flight path of the planes, THE FACT THAT LONE GUNMAN PREDICTED 9/11 IN MARCH OF 2001 WITH EXTRAORDINARY AND UNCANNY PRECISION. FFS.

    • I consider it a victory if I post irrefutable evidence and then get called a nutjob, they are starting to look pretty stupid. People who persist nowadays in calling all conspiracists nutjobs are all nutjobs in my opinion. Or paid.

    • anthem, There are dumb ed downs like you that instead of researching on your own too lazy to get off your ass and consider the facts known, that are demon worshipers and spokesman for This Nazi Empire in POWER IN THIS COUNTRY that you probably voted for and reasoning with you, would be like spitting in the wind. You are a real Patriot,like Hitler was, but a real one.

  15. On a side note, something I found locally. just another example of how NWO thinking is turning us against one another here.

    Reader tired of complaining, greedy baby boomers

    To the editor:
    I hope that the Fleming support staff is enjoying earning $40 a day, an amount that is close to the amount that the 9.6 per cent of Peterborough’s unemployed residents live off of each and every day.
    The average salary of support staff, which include many “no education required” positions such as secretaries and cashiers has risen to $59,000 per year, a salary that the many unemployed recent university graduates of Ontario would love to have. I suggest to these union workers that if they would like to make a higher salary, perhaps they should go to university, get an education and accept the $40,000 worth of debt to the government that the younger generation has had to take simply to qualify for minimum wage jobs. As a recent Trent graduate, I can count off the top of my head the numerous fellow graduates that either can’t find jobs, or are more than happy to work for $12 an hour, simply to have an income to be able to pay down some of their government debt. The older generation loves to talk about how spoiled generation Y is, but I’m starting to think it’s the other way around.
    I can’t wait until all of these greedy baby-boomers retire, so that the government can spend its money on something much more useful than the ridiculously high salaries of under educated workers

    • My income last year was 9000 and change. They say poverty level is 20,000 and under to live in Canada. They want you to go in debt large to get any kind of job.Literally, the only defense against this forced payed employment scheme is to go on social benefits to quailfy for funding. I persoanlly paid 5000 in the late 90′s for 6 week truck training to gain 2 yrs of good income. Talked to a guy, he had to pay 40,000 for 3 months to fix washers and dryers, now thats crazy. The scam as I see it has been, increase taxes, and fund private learning and training via private business collecting the governments grants to students. The industries get free trained workers, no cost to them, and the workers are immediately in debt. I don’t bout you, but most jobs I had got trained on the job. Paid to learn, not learn to pay. These are basic jobs, that definetely are charging to much for the training required to do them.

  16. A great generation of challenge, now if only my own family would listen to me.

  17. No mention of the destruction of the aquifer via gas well fracking–see the video documentary by Josh Fox: “GasLands”

  18. Look into earthships. Collect rainwater off your roof for free for years into a cistern that lasts a lifetime. Water goes into your system gravity fed, then uses a solar powered water pump and uses no fossil fuels or utility lines. Goldman Sachs is buying up water utilities in Greece. Why not where you are in the future? The only thing that could touch you is maybe radiation from an exploded nuclear power plant. Even aluminum and barium from chemtrails in rain could be filtered out of your drinking water, not to mention that you don’t need to buy fluoride filters.

  19. That’s why George Bush bought a massive land somewhere in South America in a big fresh water source to be left for his grand-kids. Absolutely a sign of water crisis.

  20. I guess since Japan has screwed up our ocean water now (with Fukishima) we can’t get water from the ocean either.

  21. Another bs story. Yawn.

    • Made possible by people who don’t give a shit , like you !!!

      • gotta wonder if he’ll be yawning when playground is complete..

  22. The EPA needs to move to China!!

  23. China really needs to get its fricking act together when it comes to being more ecologically sound.

  24. The Globalist Elites are f*cking up the planet and all of us and eventually themselves if they succeed. Carbon Dioxide is the least of our worries given what they are doing to all of us and humanity in general. It doesn’t have to be this way. Humanity is not the enemy(as they see us), they are. They’ve always been the feeding source of our problems for thousands of years. Not being satisfied with what they have, they have to control and dominate us all of the time. Someday, humanity will turn on them, target this cancer and that will be the end of this forever. And mankind will finally be free and be able to express itself and it’s greatness. With God’s help I pray. This is and has always been a war between good and evil plain and simple. I believe humanity is good.

    • Someone once told me this. People are like pigs, when you are around just one, they are fine, act nice and what not. Get a bunch of pigs in a room, you just get a bunch of pigs.Watch nature and you find, someone always wants to be in charge so to speak. We are human beings, we don’t need leaders, we need to be human and work together for our common causes of survival.

      • A good leader can can subdue a mob of unruly people into a respectable and organized force. In order to work together someone has to be at the helm and we generally call that person or persons the “leader”. Human beings are social creatures and they conform to the group. Check out Asch’s Conformity Test on YouTube.

        • I can’t think of the exact instance, but it was recent. Something happened and the citizens responded without direction or leadership to resolve the crisis effieciently. It will come to me.

  25. Look at InfoWars today. Every article is bad news. I feel as if the whole Worlds problems are closing in on us and it’s just a matter of time before humanity is gone. This is not the way I won’t to spend my last years on Earth, suffering and praying for death.

    • I use this to help keep some peace in my life. If I can not affect, or direct, then I accept it. I dont think I able to accept any of this crap yet. I have a voice, I have a brain and I have the will to survive no matter what the bastards throw at me.Peace friend

  26. When is f’in India going to get their act together and build some water treatment plants for Cry Sake. For a country that’s supposed to be modernized they are so unsanitary. It’s ridiculous they reap what they sow.

    If you live in the midwest you saw more rain and water than you wanted to see during this past Spring. Now we have more drought but we needed a break from all of that ridiculous amounts of rain.

    I have noticed that during those periods we had massive chemtrail spraying. Now we have hardly any and thus little rain. Coincidence?

    • Top item on ClubofRome.org today
      “Launch of the Indian National Association of the Club of Rome”.
      Another coincidence eh?

      “I have noticed that during those periods we had massive chemtrail spraying. Now we have hardly any and thus little rain. Coincidence?”

      Why does that not surprise me. See my above post. This is really bad, I’m so angry. Cloud-seeding isn’t the only thing technology is capable of either.

      • Cloud-seeding isn’t the only thing technology is capable of either” Agreed. I strongly suspect
        based on personal experience. As a Land Surveyor, I noticed back in the 50′s we got the theodolite instrument versus the transit, in the 60′s we recieved the EDM’s (ElectronicDistanceMeasuring) From the military. I realized @ that time that if they “let” us have this they have something that makes that an antique.
        AJ has briefly mentioned some things he has heard/learned of. My ears really come to attention when he speaks of this. I really wish he would dedicate at least a large portion of a program or even do a “special report” on what he has learned. That would be ‘way interesting’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Thats too bad, i was thinking about adopting one of those south african kids—i guess i’d have to put the treadmill in front of the sink to make him feel more at home!

  28. The main reason for shortage of water and the harsh winters are caused by the chemtrailing of the world. If they reflect heat of the sun back into space, the ground can’t heat up as normal during the spring/summer and autumn months. Also, water vapour from the oceans won’t release as much as normal due to reduced heating from the sun.

    • Right, what do we expect to happen if they cover it with sulphur then? Instinctively feels like a bad idea to me.

  29. This can all be traced to HAARP. Doesn’t ANYONE have the grey cells to finds it curious that the entire world is facing drought conditions? HAARP creates drought by elevating the jet stream. The globalists are engineering it.

    So, when everything is dried up and people are dying of dehydration, you can bet that HAARP will be untouched. People would rather die than realize the truth and the threat of scalar weapons.

    • You know they have been messing with the jet stream. That’s the new secret war. They are trying to figure out how to distribute water better in north america.

      • I agree.

      • Except not necessarily to distribute it better.

        • My first theory was they were trying to keep north america wet in case of the solar flares. The earthquake thing is probably the real reason they use it. Defence department funded.

  30. So…the problem is what? The elite are running out of water supplies to poison? Listen, when we grew up learned to shut water off when brushing teeth. They knew it then, to conserve.So is it really any surprise with population expansion it seems like not enough water to go around?Food and water should be a basic human right. With that said, no man should make profit from water.No man should ever waste it either or show no respect for it. If you poison water purposely for your fellow humans, such as dumping toxic waste, then your card should be pulled. Im not talking about your average joe here either. Talking about the corporations and governments.They are responsible for any and all products mass produced and distributed to the public.I personally worked on the state of the art water filtration plant here as a concrete worker.Water can be treated. Food should never be wasted and the practice of “dumping’ food to keep market values is a crime against humanity iof you ask me. Food can be graded to keep people in business to grow it.What may seem like “crap” to a snob is surely a life saver to someone that is struggling with food.So no food should ever be destroyed.Just did a bunch of preserves myself, so the garden excess doesn’t rote. Time for people to get back to basics on the basic needs of every human. To many have been thriving and ignoring the over all good of humans. Why? Too busy warring.I can’t say I’ve persoanlly been in thrive mood, always thinking basic needs. Did you know that “love” is not considered a basic need by the writers of this rule. I disagree, without love then you have no care for anyone else. Therefore without love for others you are not human being but nothing more than an animal. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it elite.Peace Hope everyone has a safe and loving day.

  31. No doubt there are many factors concerning “less water”. The most basic reason is that the FACT that we exist on a magnetic land mass in space, whos magnetic composition changes constantly governing in very complicated yet simple ways the weather systems and the different climate changes. However it “should not” be denied that 2+2 does indeed = 4. More people = less rescources. That is a FACT. I have witnessed a dramatic animal, environment rescource radical depletion during my 60 years here on this magnetic ball in space..coupled with the importation of literally millions of folks rouphly 200,000,000 “+” since 1965 (thanks teddy for orig. immigration reform act of 1965). Most..check that..ALL of these people are running/escaping from their geographical place of birth usually to escape a nasty political situation that THEY have allowed to develop..but often to escape the pollution, lack of natural commodities, etc. ..”again” that THEY have allowed to occur. Everyone can’t “run away” to the U.S. so now no-one will have a nice place to live. YOU ALL KNOW I’m correct. If we don’t imlement an approach like I suggested before, we are headed for a Race War..there is no doubt. People need to go home fix their own countries, OR NOT, their choice. Or WE ARE SCREWED. We won’t. So we are gonna proceed into a swarming mass of crap! Very Sad..But it’s gonna happen. I wish we could wise up and intelligently approach this problem. But no. It’s much better to just ‘tip toe thru da tulips’ and pretend that everything is okey dokey. IT IS NOT.

  32. Well … what do you expect when you got giant electric pumps suckin’ up water like
    crazy , most of it for wasteful ” Ugra karma ” ( nefarious activities ) , like gross heavy
    industry , or for filling porn pimps swimmin’ pools in the desert !!!

    Mother nature has it’s own pace , and if you get too demanding , she has a way to
    bitch slap you in the most radical manner …

    P.S. An average slaughterhouse for example , uses the same amount of water in a
    day as a 50 000 inhabitants city !!!

    • The recycling program, they ask you to clean the containers out first, then goes to plant to get washed agian, joke.Wonder how many containers the ancestor civilzations had per capita?

      • I forgot to mention …

        How much water is wasted on producing the 264 million pounds of food
        dumped each day in America alone ?!?

        P.S. And stories of redundance / waste like yours are legion in the
        industrial world …

      • I never rinse out my recyclables. The union flunkies at the local dept. of public works can get off their fat lazy asses and do that. Let them feel how it is to work for a change.

  33. The US government is shipping our water to China! Look up water bladders that are towed behind barges to ship water to China. Jesse Ventura’s weekly series “Conspiracy Theory” exposed a plot to steal U.S. water last year. They had aerial photos of large yellow barges filled with drinking water from the United States, being dragged to China. They will take everything as we die off because our government sold us out by their continous borrowing of money from China!

    • Sure, we caught them filling up hulls in the great lakes. Protested, so they made law you have to bottle it first. The companies like Nestle pay nothing for the resource and sell back to the population for profit. Heard they have a secret pumping station inland are draining the great lakes. That needs to stop NOW

      • As the sheeple keep drinking Nestle bottled water, ignorance is bliss!

  34. There’s probably water that they don’t tell anyone about. I don’t believe hardly
    anything that the gov goons say.

  35. I guess if you can’t ever get access to clean water, keep a .45 handy while you chomp on a cyanide pill at the same time.

    Maybe the US should of put some of it money in DESALINATION PLANTS along the coastline instead of supporting the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, throwing money at that liability called ISRAEL, and that MASSIVE INDUSTRIAL FARMING the US Government subsidizes.

    The elite decided to put corn in everything and put washing machines out their…Americans just went and bought it!!

    • They don’t desalinate salt water because they wouldn’t have an excuse to kill
      everybody and make their master satan happy.

    • P.S. If you were taking a cyanide pill, what would you need a .45 for??

  36. We cannot talk about the possibility of the water crisis being caused by man made global warming. According to Marc Morano, a former aide to Senator James Inhofe, one of the most vocal climate skeptics in Congress, Republican presidential candidates can believe in man-made global warming as long as they never talk about it, and oppose all the proposed solutions.

    So repeat the party doctrine:

    “There is no such thing as climate change. And if there was such a thing as climate change, then it is not caused by humans. It can be the sun, or anything else, but it is certainly not humans. And if it is caused by humans, then just live with it, because we all want a to drive a SUV. And if you get killed by an extreme weather event, then just accept it because Jesus will come and save you.”

    • Huh? You want to turn this into a republican/democrat thing? Really? Global warming ceased back in 1998. The climate is cyclic, we go through periods of warming and cooling, it’s completely natural. On the other hand the elites are destroying our planet through greed and black operations (Scalar Technology). Pretty much every problem we have on this planet can be attributed to these greedy rich men of the earth.

  37. Although i agree that this is a serious matter, this will lead to and only conform what…er….can’t think of the guy’s name, has been saying about over population!…
    He will as i’m sure will others agree that this is why we will need to depopulate the planet!…
    Hence, it will push forward there wars and elite goals e.t.c!.

    We live in sad times and change will not come simply by sitting and talking about it!.
    There is enough info now to see what is going on but it will not change because no one will stand and do anything about it!.
    One person alone can’t change the world!…..


    • One person can’t possibly know everything either, thats why we all have to work together to create our solutions.

  38. Lucky God will soon step in.Otherwise the whole world would be doomed.

    • “#20 Every 8 seconds, somewhere in the world a child dies from drinking dirty water.”

      I’d say he’s running a bit late.

  39. I can’t simply say “I don’t drink water”. That’s not going to work. I have always supported conserving and using our resources wisely. How do we save our water resources without an al gore tax attached to it?

    • My dad taught me to conserve water when I was a kid back in the ’60′s. Throughout
      my life I’ve noticed that most people don’t think about conserving. I’ve tried to tell
      them but most don’t listen.

  40. Just look at how much the average American uses. Washing Machines use a lot of water compared to the washboard. Watering lawns. Car washes. Seriously go back a hundred years and see how much water that was needed. We waste way more then we need too. I know my wife just doesn’t like the idea of using a washboard either let alone putting out clothes on the clothesline, Oprah is on you know, ain’t got time to do chores. We live in what I call a rat race world. That is why everyone is stressed, and going nuts.

    • I only wash 2 loads of clothes a week with the water at the proper setting. After I
      wash my hair, I turn the water off until my body is washed and I’m ready to rinse
      off. A lot of people shower until the hot water gets cold.
      As soon as I heard about those water heaters that heat the water as it’s being used, I
      knew that even more water would be wasted than before.
      There’s not many people like us that see the big picture of things. Most people seem
      to only have the capability of two dimensional thinking.

    • The rats keep chasing the cheese till they realize there’s no water to wash it down with.

    • We definitely use a lot of water but you have to remember a lot of it is recycled. The pathetic part is that we have the technology to live comfortably and responsibly. You can blame the elites for our wasteful lifestyles. Without modern technology most of our time (or rather our wives time) would be spent doing menial labor. Try using a washboard for a month, you’ll go crazy knowing that you can get the same job done in eight hours (per month) rather then days of backbreaking labor. Technology is good and can be made to run almost perfectly. unfortunately the elite want to keep us dependent on their crap so we all suffer, including the earth.

      There is an overpopulation problem when you consider the type of lifestyle we’re living. If things were better organized and we were allowed to use the suppressed technologies then it wouldn’t be a problem. But since the world is set up in the most inefficient of ways we cannot support all of these people. If any one of the myriad of systems breaks down millions of people will be effected. We need to live a sustainable and regional lifestyle. We don’t need to import produce from other countries, we can grow most of what we need in our own locals. Tropical fruits and such we would have to import (Bananas and like items) but the rest should be grown by local farmers.

      It’s the corporations that are destroying this world and it’s people (the rich men of the earth), not the common man and woman on the street. We could be living in a virtual paradise but the powers that be don’t want that. They know that they would loose their grip on us if we weren’t in a constant state of fear.

  41. Remind me again why we don’t desalinate ocean water

    • Because of JAPS

    • Because they need excuses to murder 6 billion of us.

      • The world’s overpopulation caused this….

        No water, no jobs, less fuel, etc….

        I don’t care…I invested in water mutual funds so I’ll be able to AFFORD $10.00/gallon water….

        • They’ll send a swat team to your house to get those mutual funds

        • Also, Vikings were fat, white, ale drinking white people.lmao!!

        • LMAO….

          Yes we were…..no argument from me….and I’m STILL proud of my Viking Cherokee lineage…..

          At least we settled things quickly fairly….

          Give us all your shit your good looking women.
          (Slaughter ensues…)

    • the reason they don’t desalinate is because it is very expensive and requires a lot of energy. but there are some that use potassium to remove salt, and i think RO removes salt as well.

    • Because it’s very expensive and inefficient.

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