Alex Jones Sunday Edition: Gibson and the Green Police
August 28, 2011

Government inexplicably shuts down an American cultural icon, Gibson Guitars. Alex talks about the raid and its consequences on the Sunday Edition.

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4 Responses to “Alex Jones Sunday Edition: Gibson and the Green Police”

  1. Well, no one can accuse Infowars of resting on their laurels.
    Read the WSJ article of Eric Felten if you want to be even more pissed off.
    If your guitar has a maple fretboard, is that okay?
    Mine does.
    Carbon fiber fretboard?
    Have you played one?
    You’ve got to be kidding!

  2. What does ‘racist’ mean? Trotsky the Boleshevick Communist ‘revoluntionary’ coined the term to try to SILENCE critics of teh rise of his murderous (red) revolutionary regime.

    /Eu/cultural marxists/political correctness etal use the word, ‘racist’ to silence all criticism of the far left /gloablist policies of mass immigration/cheap labour and altering the very nature of Western nations and the destruction of sovereign nations

    Al Gore/Eu(the latter full of ex/communists) call people ‘racist’ who wish to silence reason open discussion and real science when critcising ‘climate change’.

    Its the fake greens a la Al Gore that are the terrorists and the real fascists for making a lot of money out of carbon taxing and impose agenda 21 TOTAl control (the communistsfascist wet dream) of all human life whilst ignoreing the real environmental catastrophy caused by the globalists/corporates.

    • the

  3. + + + “First they came for the Dancers, but I didn’t object because I didn’t dance, then they came for the guitars, but I didn’t speak out, because I did not play a guitar, next, they come for the I-PODS, and you STILL expect me to OBJECT?”

    Visit my site, boyz and gurls, click on my name, and discover how We the people shut down the Federal Reserve, AND REMOVE OVER 500 YEARS OF THE NWO, GLOBALIST progress!!!!

    Yes, we END-the-FED, and WHEN WE REPLACE their Privately issued, unregulated government protected MONOPOLY ‘money’ with REAL MONEY!!!!



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