AU Premier Gaslights Aborigines — ‘White Supremacists’ Are Trying To Kill You With Anti-Vaxx ‘Disinformation’

(Russia Today) Mark McGowan, the premier of Western Australia, has suggested US-based “white supremacist groups” are trying to kill Aboriginals by targeting them with anti-vaxx propaganda:

There’s been some misinformation provided to Aboriginal people from people who do not have their best interests at heart,” Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told reporters on Thursday, adding that he had “heard from one Aboriginal person who said white supremacist groups are sending information to Aboriginal people that they shouldn’t get vaccinated.”

Now, the suspicion is these white supremacist groups out of America wouldn’t be unhappy if bad outcomes occurred to the health of Aboriginal people in Australia. That’s the problem we face. McGowan warned that “white supremacists” were seeking “to harm Aboriginal people,” and urged the Indigenous community to “listen to the experts” when it came to vaccines.

Some 75% of West Australia’s population of 2.6 million is fully vaccinated, according to local media, though rates among Aboriginals continue to lag in the 30% range. Earlier this week, the premier doubled down on Western Australia’s strict ongoing border closures with other states, arguing that recent measures taken by the federal government over fears of the Omicron strain of coronavirus vindicate his administration’s decisions.

“It turns out that borders and measures to keep people out who might be infected work,” he said. The state plans to drop its border restrictions when it hits a full-vaccination target of 90% – slightly more strict than the 80% goal set by the federal government – and McGowan is expected to put a hard date on a reopening plan sometime in the coming days.

Why aren’t “white supremacists” in Australia — of which there are allegedly legions — targeting the Abo communities with “disinformation” so that they don’t take the vaccine and “die of COVID”?

The answer may surprise some — because this psy-op is part of a larger game that is afoot — which ties in to the Anti-Defamation League’s agenda — in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — to promote the existence of a loose-knit “international network” of white supremacist “terror” cells.

Reading between the lines, we can see that the ADL is accusing “white supremacists” of doing exactly what international Jewry themselves are actually doing — orchestrating a borderless criminal network of “sayanim” working with the Mossad to aid and abet the Zionist Agenda of Jewish Supremacy.

Given that Australia is by far the most advanced Police State in the world at this time — under the guise of arresting the “pandemic” — we can safely conclude that Jewry is using this nation as a template for the rest of the world to see how far they can push their agenda.

Of course, they first disarmed Australians in the wake of the 1996 coup d’etat — using the Mossad false flag Port Arthur Massacre as a pretext.

According to the Jewish “holy” book the Talmud, Christians are forbidden to own guns — which is why Jews are so heavily involved in all anti-gun lobbies.

In a Jewish Utopia — like Soviet Russia — when only Jews have guns, there are 60 million dead Christians with bullets in the backs of their heads who resisted the Bolshevik “lockdown.”

Recently, Albert Bourla, the Jewish CEO of Pfizer — just one of a plethora of Jews who “just so happen” to be responsible for most of the COVID vaccines — insisted that anyone who spreads vaccine “disinformation” should be treated as “criminals.”

While many scoffed at such an idea, in reality Bourla merely expressed publicly what the ideal End Game is for Jewry — to literally arrest and jail anyone who resists their draconian pandemic power grab as “international terrorists.”

After all, if you are spreading “disinformation” about vaccines, your motivation could only possibly be to kill as many people as possible — exactly what the purpose of the vaccines themselves is, according to the former Vice President of vaccine development at Pfizer.

And that’s why this Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, blamed “white supremacists” in the U.S. for this vaccine misinformation directed at Aboriginals — ultimately, if everything falls into place, the UN-WHO will be able to go after any anti-vaxxer — most of whom “just so happen” to be white — and many of them are Christians.

Just as Jews have successfully portrayed Palestinians who resist the Israeli land grab and genocide as “terrorists” — so too will anyone who resists their coming worldwide police state — identified in the Bible as Mystery Babylon.

Watch the video of McGown’s remarks here.

This Australian explains the Jewish Question quite clearly.

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